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Matter properties changes
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Matter, Properties & Changes. Density. Matter. Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space (even if you can’t see it). What types of things are made of matter?. What things aren’t made of matter?. Things that have No mass No volume (take up no space) Ideas, thoughts, dreams, etc

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Matter, Properties & Changes

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Matter properties changes

Matter, Properties & Changes




Matter is anything that has mass and takes up space (even if you can’t see it)

What types of things are made of matter

What types of things are made of matter?

Matter properties changes

What things aren’t made of matter?

  • Things that have

    • No mass

    • No volume (take up no space)

    • Ideas, thoughts, dreams, etc

      • Like “creativity”, “honor”, “freedom”

      • Heat

      • Light

What is matter made of

What is matter made of?

  • Atoms

    • The word, atom, comes from a greek word meaning “cannot be divided”.

    • Democritus was an ancient greek philosopher that lived from 460-370 BC

    • He was the first to write down the idea that everything can be divided into smaller and smaller pieces until a piece that cannot be divided is reached.

Physical and chemical properties

Physical and Chemical properties

Matter properties changes

Characteristics you observe about matter are often related to how that matter was formed

Describe your pencil

Describe your pencil

  • Color

  • Shape

  • Hardness

  • Dents

These are all physical properties.

Most physical properties you can detect with your senses.

Matter properties changes

Physical properties are characteristics you can observe without changing the makeup of the material



  • The properties of many materials are related to the way they form

States of matter

States of Matter

  • Solid (atoms are very close together)

  • Liquid (atoms are loosely together)

  • Gas (atoms are very spread out)

  • Plasma (ions, electrons in a superheated gas)

    • The most common state of matter in the universe

    • What stars are made of



Density is an INTRINSIC physical property that relates mass to volume.

  • Density does not change with size

  • Every element and compound has it’s own unique density

    • Since density does not change, compounds and elements can be identified by their densities.

Matter properties changes

D= mass (g, mg or kg))


volume (L, ml, cc)

Calculating density

Calculating Density

An astronomer found a small meteorite. The astronomer knew that Nickel and Iron are often found in meteorites. The meteorite has a mass of 185g and a volume of 21 ml. What is the Density of the meteorite? Is the meteorite mostly made of Nickel or Iron? (The density of Iron is 7.87g/ml. The density of Nickel is 8.9 g/ml)

Chemical properties

Chemical properties

  • A chemical property is a characteristic of a substance that allows it to change into a new substance.

  • Ex: Reactivity: when apples or potatoes turn brown when exposed to air

    • Or when iron rusts

  • Ex: the ability to burn is a chemical property

Physical changes

Physical changes

  • A physical change is any change in shape, size, phase or form.

    • The matter always stays the same

Matter properties changes

  • Ex. Cutting a watermelon up changes its size and shape but it is still a watermelon

Matter properties changes

  • Ex. Freezing water is a phase change. Ice is water. Steam is water. Water vapor is water

Matter properties changes

  • Weathering/erosion can turn mountains into pebbles

Chemical changes

Chemical changes

  • When the original substance is changed into another substance this is a chemical change

  • Ex. When metal rusts the metal reacts chemically with oxygen and is changed into rust

  • Ex. Burning is a chemical change

  • Ex. Baking soda and vinegar

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