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Crime Data Sources PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crime Data Sources. Police reports, victimization, and self-report data. Sellin’s Dictum. “The value of a crime for index purposes decreases as the distance from the crime itself in terms of procedure increases” Thorsten Sellin, 1931. Sources of Crime Statistics. Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)

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Crime Data Sources

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Crime data sources l.jpg

Crime Data Sources

Police reports, victimization, and self-report data

Sellin s dictum l.jpg

Sellin’s Dictum

“The value of a crime for index purposes decreases as the distance from the crime itself in terms of procedure increases”Thorsten Sellin, 1931

Sources of crime statistics l.jpg

Sources of Crime Statistics

  • Uniform Crime Reports (UCR)

  • National Crime Victimization Surveys (NCVS)

  • Self-Report Data (SRD)

Uniform crime reports part 1 offenses l.jpg

Uniform Crime ReportsPart 1 Offenses

  • “Serious illegal acts that occur with sufficient frequency to provide an adequate basis for comparison”

Crimes not included in the ucr part 1 crime index l.jpg

Crimes Not Included in the UCR Part 1 Crime Index

Reason: they do not come to the attention of police often enough.

Becoming a ucr crime statistic l.jpg

Step 1:

Step 2:

Police must decide…

Step 3:

Step 4:

Becoming a UCR Crime Statistic

Reporting crimes to the police l.jpg

Reporting Crimes to the Police

  • People are MORE likely to report if…

  • People are LESS likely to report if…

Officer discretion l.jpg

Officer Discretion

  • Officer discretion influenced by offense and offender characteristics

Recording of crimes by police l.jpg

Recording of Crimes by Police

  • Characteristics of the offense

  • Characteristics of offender

  • Characteristics of the victim

Strengths of the ucr l.jpg

Strengths of the UCR

  • National

  • Permits comparisons

  • Links to other sources

Weaknesses of the ucr l.jpg

Weaknesses of the UCR

  • Street crimes

  • Reactive crime reporting by citizens

  • Officer discretion

  • Susceptible to political pressure to over or under-report

The national crime victimization survey ncvs l.jpg

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

  • Conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Census every 6 months, households remain up to 3 years

Self report data l.jpg

Self-Report Data

  • Unofficial statistics

  • Gets at the “dark figure” of crime

  • Provides information on causes of crime from offender’s perspective

Ethical issues in self report studies of violent crime l.jpg

Ethical Issues in Self-Report Studies of Violent Crime

  • Exchange confidentiality for honesty

  • Ask subjects not to talk about planned violence

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