Latin america peoples win independence
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Latin America Peoples Win Independence PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Latin America Peoples Win Independence. PG. 681-686. Colonial Society Divide. At this time in Latin America, class dictates your place in society and jobs Top of the class: Peninsulares (people born in Spain)

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Latin America Peoples Win Independence

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Latin America Peoples Win Independence

PG. 681-686

Colonial Society Divide

  • At this time in Latin America, class dictates your place in society and jobs

  • Top of the class: Peninsulares (people born in Spain)

  • Creoles – Spainards born in Latin America. Could not hold high-level high office political jobs, but could rise as officers.

  • Mulattos: Persons mixed of European and African ancestry.

Revolutions in the Americas

  • By 1700s much of the Latin America was aware of the Enlightenment and news of the American/French Revolution encouraged them to gain freedom from their European Masters

Revolution in Haiti

  • Saint Dominigue (French colony) was the first to free itself from European Rule

  • 500,000 Africans worked on French plantations (outnumbered their masters)

  • Masters used brutal measures to keep them powerless – can you see a revolution coming?

  • August 1791 100,000 Africans revolt

  • Toussaint L’Ouverture becomes the leader of Haitian Revolution

Revoution in Haiti

  • January 1802, French troops arrive to take Touissant out. He states to end revolt, if France ends slavery

  • French agree, then accuse of planning another revolt – they seize him and send him to a prison in French Alps

Creoles Lead Independance

  • Creoles were often the most educated people within Latin society – often traveled to Europe for education

  • Study Enlightenment ideas and when they return to Latin American – bring revolutionary ideas with them

  • Napoleon’s victory over Spain in 1808 led to many revolts within Spanish colonies

  • ZERO loyalty to a French king

Creoles Land Independance

  • 1810, many rebellions occurred in Latin America – drive for independence has begun

  • The South American wars of independence rested on two main people: Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin

Bolivar’s Victory

  • Simon Bolivar, Venezuela, declared its independence from Spain in 1811

  • He leads a volunteer army of revolutionaries suffered many defeats. Had to go into exile twice

  • Turning point: August 1819, Bolivar leads 2,000 soldiers going through the Andes and takes the Spanish army by surprise and wins

  • 1821, Bolivar won Venezuela’s independance

San Martin Leads Forces

  • San Martin, Argentina, declared independence in 1816, but Spanish forces in Chile and Peru still posed a threat

  • 1817, Martin leads an army across the Andes into Chile. He is joined by Bernardo O’Higgins and with his help he helps free Argentina from Chile

Mexico ends Spanish Rule

  • In 1810, Padre Miguel Hidalgo took the first step towards independence.

  • September 16, 1810 he rang church bells of his village church and told everyone to join him in a rebellion against the Spanish

  • Very next day, 80,000 men join him and march towards Mexico City

Mexico Ends Spanish Rule

  • Spanish forces defeat Hidalgo in 1811

  • The rebels who followed Hidalgo, then follow Jose Maria Morelos – he leads the revolution for four years

  • He is then defeated by a Creole officer named Agustin de Iturbide

  • Iturbide declares

    Independence in


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