Statistical system of pakistan
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Statistical System of Pakistan PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Statistical System of Pakistan. Mission Statement. Statistics Division is committed to strategize for and ensure to provide the accurate, reliable, timely and comprehensive data to national & international organizations through user-friendly accessibility. Statistical System. Federal Level

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Statistical System of Pakistan

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Statistical Systemof Pakistan

Mission Statement

Statistics Division is committed to strategize for and ensure to provide the accurate, reliable, timely and comprehensive data to national & international organizations through user-friendly accessibility

Statistical System

Federal Level

  • Statistics Division (FBS, PCO, ACO)

  • Statistical Cells in different Ministries / Divisions, SBP, FBR, etc

    Provincial Level

  • Bureaus of Statistics

  • Statistical Cells in different Departments

    Local Governments

Statistics Division

  • The apex body to embody Statistical Authority.

  • Formulates policies and plans for statistical development.

  • Coordinates, consults with stakeholders and other producers of statistics.

  • Controls and facilitates the following attached departments:

    • Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS)

    • Population Census Organization (PCO)

    • Agricultural Census Organization (ACO)

Statistics Division – Organizational Chart

Federal Bureau of Statistics


  • Mandated to collect, compile and disseminate a range of primary and secondary data.

  • Compiles Monthly/Weekly Statistical series viz. Mining & Industrial production, foreign trade, WPI, CPI, SPI.

  • Compiles national accounts of Pakistan.

  • Undertakes data processing of PCO, ACO, own surveys and, other data inquest.


  • Maintains Sample Design Section to

  • - prepare and update sampling frame

  • - design sample/other survey instruments

  • - help in monitoring and evaluation surveys.

Federal Bureau of Statistics


  • Runs a Training wing to impart training to

  • - working statisticians from different organizations

  • - IT professionals from varied departments

  • - personnel of provincial governments and

  • - students and other nominees from private and official agencies.

  • Conducts censuses and surveys.


Federal Bureau of Statistics

Annual Surveys

  • Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement Survey

  • Labour Force Survey

  • Pakistan Demographic Survey

  • Household Integrated Economic Survey

    Periodic Surveys

  • Large-scale Manufacturing Industries Survey

  • Small-scale Manufacturing Industries Survey

  • Census of Private Educational Institutions

  • Compendia on Gender, Environment and Social Indicators

    Adhoc Surveys

  • Economic Census

  • Education Census

  • Time Use Survey etc.

Population Census Organization

  • PCO is responsible for:

  • Planning and execution of decennial Population & Housing Census.

  • Processing and dissemination of data in the form of Census Reports.

  • Analysis of census data and demographic research.

  • Evaluation of census results.

  • Intercensal sample studies/surveys in related areas.

  • Supply of census data to the data users. 

Population Census Organization

  • The first population and housing Census in areas comprising Pakistan was held in 1881.

  • After inception of Pakistan, five censuses have been undertaken in 1951, 1961, 1972, 1981 & 1998.

  • Sixth census 2011 is under progress.

Agricultural Census Organization

ACO undertakes the following activities:

  • Agricultural Census (Decennial)

  • Livestock Census (Decennial)

  • Agricultural Machinery Census (Decennial)

  • Village Census (Quinquennial)

Agricultural Census Organization

  • Agriculture Census provides information on number and area of farms by tenure, land use intensity, cropping patterns, irrigation, agriculture inputs etc.

  • So far five agriculture censuses have been conducted in 1960, 1972, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010.

  • Prepares and disseminates national and provincial reports.

  • Livestock Census provides information regarding livestock population, poultry and their products.

  • So far, four Livestock Census in 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006 have been conducted.

Agricultural Census Organization

  • Agricultural Machinery Census provides information on agricultural equipments i.e. tube wells, tractors & other allied equipments.

  • So far, five censuses have been conducted in 1968, 1975, 1984, 1994 and 2004.

  • Village Census is conducted prior to Agriculture and Livestock Censuses in order to update village sampling frame. The last villages census was conducted in 2008.


Statistics Division maintains two Websites:

Statistics Division’s Website on Govt. Portal to upload

information regarding Functions, Acts,

Rules, Publications, Contacts, etc. of Statistics


Website of Departments upload Functions, Mission Statement, Policies, etc. Social & Economic statistics and documents viz. Foreign Trade Statistics, National Accounts, Prices, Labour Force, Demography, PIHS, HIES, Population Census data, Agricultural statistics and other related statistics.

Thank you

Federal Statistical Cells

  • Ministry of Food & Agriculture Agriculture Statistics

  • Ministry of Industries Industrial Production

  • Ministry of Health Health Statistics

  • Ministry of Population Welfare Population Welfare

  • Ministry of Education Education Statistics

  • Ministry of Labour & Manpower Social Securities, Wages, Overseas Manpower employment

  • Ministry of Finance Budget, Eco. Survey

  • Ministry of Interior Crimes, Traffic Accidents

  • Ministry of Tourism Tourism Statistics

Federal Statistical Cells

  • Ministry of Information News paper circulation,

    Periodicals, dramas, films released

  • Ministry of Sports & CultureSports statistics

  • Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources Mining Statistics

  • Economic Affairs Division Foreign Eco. Assistance

  • Central Board of Revenue Revenue, Industrial Production

  • State Bank of Pakistan Money & Banking,

    Balance of Payments

  • National Database & Registration Authority Population Statistics

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