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Statistical system of pakistan
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Statistical System of Pakistan. Mission Statement. Statistics Division is committed to strategize for and ensure to provide the accurate, reliable, timely and comprehensive data to national & international organizations through user-friendly accessibility. Statistical System. Federal Level

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Statistical System of Pakistan

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Statistical system of pakistan

Statistical Systemof Pakistan

Statistical system of pakistan

Mission Statement

Statistics Division is committed to strategize for and ensure to provide the accurate, reliable, timely and comprehensive data to national & international organizations through user-friendly accessibility

Statistical system

Statistical System

Federal Level

  • Statistics Division (FBS, PCO, ACO)

  • Statistical Cells in different Ministries / Divisions, SBP, FBR, etc

    Provincial Level

  • Bureaus of Statistics

  • Statistical Cells in different Departments

    Local Governments

Statistics division

Statistics Division

  • The apex body to embody Statistical Authority.

  • Formulates policies and plans for statistical development.

  • Coordinates, consults with stakeholders and other producers of statistics.

  • Controls and facilitates the following attached departments:

    • Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS)

    • Population Census Organization (PCO)

    • Agricultural Census Organization (ACO)

Statistics division organizational chart

Statistics Division – Organizational Chart

Federal bureau of statistics

Federal Bureau of Statistics


  • Mandated to collect, compile and disseminate a range of primary and secondary data.

  • Compiles Monthly/Weekly Statistical series viz. Mining & Industrial production, foreign trade, WPI, CPI, SPI.

  • Compiles national accounts of Pakistan.

  • Undertakes data processing of PCO, ACO, own surveys and, other data inquest.


  • Maintains Sample Design Section to

  • - prepare and update sampling frame

  • - design sample/other survey instruments

  • - help in monitoring and evaluation surveys.

Federal bureau of statistics1

Federal Bureau of Statistics


  • Runs a Training wing to impart training to

  • - working statisticians from different organizations

  • - IT professionals from varied departments

  • - personnel of provincial governments and

  • - students and other nominees from private and official agencies.

  • Conducts censuses and surveys.


Federal bureau of statistics2

Federal Bureau of Statistics

Annual Surveys

  • Pakistan Social and Living Standard Measurement Survey

  • Labour Force Survey

  • Pakistan Demographic Survey

  • Household Integrated Economic Survey

    Periodic Surveys

  • Large-scale Manufacturing Industries Survey

  • Small-scale Manufacturing Industries Survey

  • Census of Private Educational Institutions

  • Compendia on Gender, Environment and Social Indicators

    Adhoc Surveys

  • Economic Census

  • Education Census

  • Time Use Survey etc.

Statistical system of pakistan

Population Census Organization

  • PCO is responsible for:

  • Planning and execution of decennial Population & Housing Census.

  • Processing and dissemination of data in the form of Census Reports.

  • Analysis of census data and demographic research.

  • Evaluation of census results.

  • Intercensal sample studies/surveys in related areas.

  • Supply of census data to the data users. 

Statistical system of pakistan

Population Census Organization

  • The first population and housing Census in areas comprising Pakistan was held in 1881.

  • After inception of Pakistan, five censuses have been undertaken in 1951, 1961, 1972, 1981 & 1998.

  • Sixth census 2011 is under progress.

Statistical system of pakistan

Agricultural Census Organization

ACO undertakes the following activities:

  • Agricultural Census (Decennial)

  • Livestock Census (Decennial)

  • Agricultural Machinery Census (Decennial)

  • Village Census (Quinquennial)

Statistical system of pakistan

Agricultural Census Organization

  • Agriculture Census provides information on number and area of farms by tenure, land use intensity, cropping patterns, irrigation, agriculture inputs etc.

  • So far five agriculture censuses have been conducted in 1960, 1972, 1980, 1990, 2000 and 2010.

  • Prepares and disseminates national and provincial reports.

  • Livestock Census provides information regarding livestock population, poultry and their products.

  • So far, four Livestock Census in 1976, 1986, 1996 and 2006 have been conducted.

Statistical system of pakistan

Agricultural Census Organization

  • Agricultural Machinery Census provides information on agricultural equipments i.e. tube wells, tractors & other allied equipments.

  • So far, five censuses have been conducted in 1968, 1975, 1984, 1994 and 2004.

  • Village Census is conducted prior to Agriculture and Livestock Censuses in order to update village sampling frame. The last villages census was conducted in 2008.

Statistical system of pakistan


Statistics Division maintains two Websites:

Statistics Division’s Website on Govt. Portal to upload

information regarding Functions, Acts,

Rules, Publications, Contacts, etc. of Statistics

Statistical system of pakistan


Website of Departments upload Functions, Mission Statement, Policies, etc. Social & Economic statistics and documents viz. Foreign Trade Statistics, National Accounts, Prices, Labour Force, Demography, PIHS, HIES, Population Census data, Agricultural statistics and other related statistics.

Thank you

Thank you

Federal statistical cells

Federal Statistical Cells

  • Ministry of Food & Agriculture Agriculture Statistics

  • Ministry of Industries Industrial Production

  • Ministry of Health Health Statistics

  • Ministry of Population Welfare Population Welfare

  • Ministry of Education Education Statistics

  • Ministry of Labour & Manpower Social Securities, Wages, Overseas Manpower employment

  • Ministry of Finance Budget, Eco. Survey

  • Ministry of Interior Crimes, Traffic Accidents

  • Ministry of Tourism Tourism Statistics

Federal statistical cells1

Federal Statistical Cells

  • Ministry of Information News paper circulation,

    Periodicals, dramas, films released

  • Ministry of Sports & CultureSports statistics

  • Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources Mining Statistics

  • Economic Affairs Division Foreign Eco. Assistance

  • Central Board of Revenue Revenue, Industrial Production

  • State Bank of Pakistan Money & Banking,

    Balance of Payments

  • National Database & Registration Authority Population Statistics

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