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Immigration . Neil Squires Specialty Training Manager . The UK’s population is 61 million today. The Government forecasts it will hit 70 million in 2028. 70 per cent of this growth will be due to immigration . This growth assumes net migration of 190,000 a year. Source:.

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Neil Squires

Specialty Training Manager

Immigrants on work permits not asylum seekers are now the main source
Immigrants on work permits, not asylum seekers, are now the main source

Immigrants by category

Sources: Work Permits: Migration Advisory Committee, skilled, shortages, sensible : Table 2.3 Work Permits plus First

Permissions plus an estimate of 50% for dependants.

Asylum: Hansard 12 November 2008, Column 1214WA

Spouses: Control of Immigration: Statistical Summary 1997 - 2007; Table 2.6 (EEA Spouses excluded)

Balanced migration in a nutshell
Balanced migration - in a nutshell main source

  • Balanced migration would seek to bring the numbers of immigrants into line with the number of emigrants.

  • The main change would be to control the number of non-EU citizens who are given the right to settle permanently in the UK.

Points based system
Points-Based System main source

  • Covers migrants outside the EEA and Switzerland.

  • Migrants must pass a points assessment before they get permission to enter or remain in the UK.

  • There are 5 Tiers, each has different points requirements – the number of points the migrants needs and the way they are awarded depends on the tier.

  • Migrants in any tier except Tier 1 (highly skilled workers) must be sponsored before applying for a visa.

Tier 2 general
Tier 2 (General) main source

  • Allows UK employers to employ nationals from outside the settled workforce to fill jobs that can not be filled by settled workers.

  • Coalition Govt introduced an interim limit on the number of applications under Tier 2 to prevent a ‘rush’ of applications before a permanent cap in April 2011

  • From 6 April 2011 the annual limit on numbers of CoS available under Tier 2 (General) is 20,700 for those entering the UK from overseas.

  • Exemptions to this limit (Unrestricted CoS):-

    • Extensions to Tier 2 visas granted before 5th April 2011

    • Changes of employment of Tier 2 visa holders granted before 5th April 2011

    • Switching immigration category (provided already in UK)

Resident labour market test rlmt
Resident Labour Market Test (RLMT) main source

  • You can only recruit a migrant from outside the settled workforce if:

    • We have completed the RLMT and can show that no suitably settled worker is available to fill the job

    • The job is exempt from the RLMT (shortage occupation list)

  • Requirements of the RLMT:

    • Must be advertised to settled workers in Jobcentre Plus plus one other method (e.g. BMJ)

    • Advertised to calendar workers for 28 days

    • CoS assigned within 6 months of the date vacancy was advertised

  • Postgraduate Doctors do not need to meet the RLMT if they have already started Specialty Training and are applying to continue their training

  • Employer responsibilities deanery practices
    Employer Responsibilities main source(Deanery / Practices)

    • Sponsorship

      • Deanery will issue CoS to migrants appointed to General Practice

  • Record Keeping

    • Copy of the relevant page of sponsored migrants passport evidencing entitlement to work

    • Migrants contact details (UK residential address / telephone number)

  • Reporting Duties

    • If migrant does not turn up for work on their first day

    • If migrant is absent for more than 10 consecutive days without permission

    • If migrants contract is terminated earlier than indicated on the CoS

    • Significant changes in migrants circumstances

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