Develop Co-incubation
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Develop Co-incubation Integrate Regional Incubation Resources PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Develop Co-incubation Integrate Regional Incubation Resources. Xi'an International Business Incubator Sept 6, 2011. CONTENT S. Why Co-incubation What Are Co-incubation Services How To Conduct Co-incubation

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Develop Co-incubation Integrate Regional Incubation Resources

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Develop Co-incubation

Integrate Regional Incubation Resources

Xi'an International Business Incubator

Sept 6, 2011


  • Why Co-incubation

  • What Are Co-incubation Services

  • How To Conduct Co-incubation

  • Co-incubation Practices of XIBI

  • Chinese Co-incubation Network

  • APEC Co-incubation Network

Cooperative Incubation

Conventional Incubation

Conventional Incubation

Why Co-incubation

-- there are reasons

when companies are looking over the border;

when technologies are moving through the border;

when capitals are running across the border;

when more attempts are waiting behind the border...

Why Co-incubation

-- there are demands

  • Companies Who

  • aim at international market

  • need overseas business partners

  • expect foreign investment and M&A opportunities

  • look for worldwide technology transfer


Service providers

Government departments

International organizations



  • Incubators Who

  • have tenants with above considerations

  • have or want to have foreign tenants

  • are globally operated

  • need to remain competitive

Independent Incubation

Cooperative Incubation

targeting companies

local rooted companies

outward companies


companies demands

beyond local resources

within local resources


growing of demands

fast & random

slowly & steadily


service scope

routine services

new & challenging


ways to provide services

networked & cooperative

vertical & independent


Yes, we know.

No, we need to co-work.



Why Co-incubation

-- there are differences



globalized innovation


globalized capital utilization

globalized service operation

upgraded incubation

regional industrial cooperation

regional economy integration

Why Co-incubation

-- there are opportunities

Tools to Break the Wall

  • 1.Market Access

  • 2.Technology Services

  • Financing Services

  • 4.Borderless Incubation

most international attempts

What Are Co-incubation Services

Market Access

Physical Access

  • office & facilities

  • intensive care from project managers

  • local business resources

  • government relations

Virtual Access

  • data base

  • communication channel

  • online consulting

Technology Services

  • R & D facilities, partners, providers and developers

R & D Pool

Technology Trade

  • technolgoy transfer, cooperation, development

IP Protection

  • patents application, legal assistance

  • tax, service providers, market mechanism


Financing Services

T - training

R- road show

A - assistance

I - investment network

N - network’s fund

Borderless Incubation

Borderless with incubators:

A network of incubators is a market of business opportunities

Borderless with service providers:

social-networking media makes it VERY possible

Borderless with international organizations:

Innovation Relay Center (Europe)

SPX Outsourcing Center (UNIDO)




  • capacity building

  • data base

  • partner incubators

  • events


  • international organizations

  • service providers

How To Co-incubate

Data Base

  • companies introduction

  • companies demands

  • service providers

  • local incubation resources

  • local featured services

  • industrial features

Capacity Building

  • international trade

  • foreign investment

  • cross-culture communication

  • legal differences

  • capital operation

  • training courses

  • seminars

  • on-site work

  • guest experts



investment pitching

exhibition organizing


road show


to meet

different demands


Partner Incubators

Silicon Valley


Ho Chi Mingh


Supply Chain Ecosystem


Hong Kong




Borderless Services




Service Providers

shared data base

capacity building mechanism

co-host events

Shared incentives

International Organizations

borderless partnership

more derivative opportunities

transferred 1,000 technologies

4 listed companies

375 graduates



Annual increase

12 incubation bases

512,000 sq meters

743 tenants

XIBI Introduction

XIBI's Co-incubation Practices

co-build incubators with partners from:


science parks


XIBI's Co-incubation Practices

work with international supportive projects

to intorduce high-end services to Xi'an

XIBI's Co-incubation Practices

Xi'an - Silicon Valley Partnership

Sept 2000Business Incubators Under the New Economy 76 delegates from 10 APEC member economies

May 2002APEC Science Parks & Business Incubators Venture Capital Forum79 delegates from 11 APEC member economies

Oct 2005Business Incubators Under the New Economy86 delegates from 16 APEC member economies

Oct 2008Business Incubators Promote Regional Innovation97 delegates from 16 APEC member economies

XIBI's Co-incubation Practices

APEC Business Incubation Management & Training Center

Chinese Co-incubation Network

Established in Shanghai, March 2011

9 IBIs from China International Business Incubators Network (China)

6 BIs from Chinese Business Incubation Assocation (Chinese Taipei)

1 BI from Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks (HK, China)

Xi’an International Business Incubator being the first Secretariat


interactive mechanism


cooperative mechanism


softlanding services

training system

data base

Chinese Co-incubation Network

Chinese Co-incubation Network

Upcoming events:

  • Database website launch online soon October 2011

  • InnoAsia 2011, Hong Kong S & T Park Novemeber 2011

  • AABI Annual Meeting, Taipei November 2011

  • Angel Investment Network

  • Exhibitions


APEC's Mission:

Promote regional economy integration

Key Priorities of ISTWG in 2010-2015 :

1. “Enhanced economic growth, trade and investment opportunities, in harmony

with sustainable development, through policies, innovative R&D and technologies,

and knowledge sharing”

2. “Enhanced international science and technology (S&T) networks”

39th & 40th APEC ISTWG Meeting

Sendai, Japan 2010

Washington DC, US 2011

APEC Co-incubation Network

  • Missions:

  • Promote cross-border development of incubatees/SMEs

  • Integrate regional incubation resources

  • Enhance incubation service levels

  • Catalyze regional economy integration

APEC Co-incubation Network


  • capacity building

  • shared resources

  • region-focused partnership

  • events

  • service providers

  • international organizations

APEC Co-incubation Network

  • Members:

  • incubators

  • science parks

  • service providers

  • international organizations

APEC Co-incubation Network

We thank you for attending this event

We expect your active participation

We invite you to create the new era of incubation in APEC

Thank You!

Xi’an International Business Incubator

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