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Argumentative writing
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Argumentative Writing. Writing an argument with supportive claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence . 2011 D. Burkey H. Jones. What is it?.

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Argumentative Writing

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Argumentative writing

Argumentative Writing

Writing an argument with supportive claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence.


D. Burkey

H. Jones

What is it

What is it?

  • An author’s attempt to prove that their claim is true and to convince the reader to adopt the same viewpoint by using a series of related statements.

Common core argumentative vs persuasive argument the old way

Common Core Argumentative Vs.Persuasive Argument the Old Way

  • Take five minutes and read the article.

  • Compare and contrast the two types of writing with colleagues.

Argumentative writing snapshot

Argumentative Writing Snapshot

Know the difference

Know the difference:

  • Author’s claim – the author’s thesis or assertion (what the author is trying to prove)

  • Author’s Argument – a series of related statements which represent an attempt to support the author’s claim.

Components of a strong argument

Components of a Strong Argument

  • Clearly Stated Claim

  • Distinguished counter claim (7th and 8th grade only)

  • Facts and evidence supporting the claim

  • Facts and evidence supporting the counter claim (8th grade only)

  • Conclusion supporting the claim

Characteristics of a strong argument

Characteristics of a Strong Argument

  • Strategically Organized

  • Formal Style

  • Precise Word Choices

  • Standard Conventions

Student misconceptions about argumentative writing

Student misconceptions about argumentative writing

  • Students think that an argument is a fight and that they must “spar” with the text.

  • Students take an inflexible position without recognizing the nuances of the argument.

  • Students think an argument is just an opinion.

  • Students think emotions must be involved.

  • Students think an argument should be five paragraphs.

Graphic organizers for argumentative writing

Graphic Organizers for Argumentative Writing



Sample prompts for argumentative writing

Sample Prompts for Argumentative Writing

  • Should the Howard County Public School System stop selling junk food in the cafeteria?

  • The current driving age in MD is 15 years and 9 months. Should the driving age in MD be raised to 17 years?

  • Currently the Howard County Public School system runs on a traditional ten-month school calendar. Should the HCPSS change to a year-round school calendar?

Anchor papers

Anchor Papers

  • Read the anchor paper and annotations for your grade level.

  • Use the rubric to determine the anchor paper’s score for the first four categories.

  • Partner with someone from your grade level and discuss why you chose those scores.

Sample assignment menu

Sample Assignment Menu

  • Essay

  • Political Cartoon

  • Business Letter

  • Friendly Letter

  • Editorial

  • Web Page

  • Brochure

  • Advertisement

  • Critique

  • Speech

Resources provided by hcpss

Resources Provided by HCPSS



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