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Chinese Fitness. -Sweatin’ it in the East- By (CB) 2. By Mike Feldman & Brandon Boldt . What’s on the Menu. Diet Exercise Routine Physical Labor. Diet. Many Vegetables and Legumes (even during breakfast) Significantly less dairy and beef

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Sweatin it in the east by cb 2 l.jpg

Chinese Fitness

-Sweatin’ it in the East-

By (CB)2

By mike feldman brandon boldt l.jpg

By Mike Feldman & Brandon Boldt

What s on the menu l.jpg
What’s on the Menu

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Routine Physical Labor

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  • Many Vegetables and Legumes (even during breakfast)

  • Significantly less dairy and beef

  • Not as many sweets (most candy comes from America)

  • Well-rounded diet including animals and rice

Diet cont l.jpg
Diet Cont.

  • Food is minced into small portions before serving

  • Smaller plates make for smaller servings

  • “Saucy Susan” is utilized, presenting the eater with a broad spectrum of food groups including animals and rice

  • Chopsticks more tedious to use than fork --> less food therefore consumed

Diet cont6 l.jpg
Diet Cont…

  • Food cooked in Soy oils rather than animal oils or rice oils

  • Very few midday/between meal snacks

Exercise l.jpg

  • Healthy physical conditioning considered important

  • Government Ministry of Health and State Physical Culture Administration stresses the importance of exercise

  • Provincial government and committees encourage exercise and use of town squares to work out

  • Companies stress mandatory exercise for employees

Exercise cont l.jpg
Exercise Cont.

  • Fitness is stressed in schools and physical activities such as martial arts and basketball are taught

  • Schools specializing in Martial Arts (Shaolin School) and gymnastics exist

Exercise cont9 l.jpg
Exercise Cont…

  • Each city contains a square or location where routine morning and evening exercises exist

  • Exercises in the square include but are not limited to…

Slide10 l.jpg


  • TAI CHI!



Exercise cont11 l.jpg
Exercise Cont….

  • While exercising Chinese maintain customs, such as fan dancing and Tai Chi

  • In America Chinese exercises like Tai Chi have grown in popularity

  • Chinese work ethic

  • Practicality of working out

Daily routine l.jpg
Daily Routine

  • Manual labor in nearly all sectors of work

  • Production in factories done by hand

  • Bicycles used to commute

Daily routine cont l.jpg
Daily Routine Cont.

  • Chopsticks burn more calories per meal than calories burned per meal by a fork

Obesity l.jpg

  • Not all Chinese are skinny

  • As of 2002 about 18% of China suffer from obesity

  • Heart problems now plague China

  • Obesity especially prominent in children

Obesity cont l.jpg
Obesity Cont.

  • Cause of Obesity is likely Westernization of the Chinese diet

  • Dairy, beef, and especially sweets are consumed like never before

Obesity cont16 l.jpg
Obesity Cont.

  • Chinese Ministry of Health and Public Health Service Committees are attacking obesity as it is a real threat

    • Free medical evaluations

    • Declare 2001 a “health year”

    • Fat farms

Miscellaneous factors l.jpg
Miscellaneous Factors

  • For an American or a foreigner, Dysentery will hit causing dehydration, loss of appetite, and weight loss

  • The Chinese believe that “milk is for babies”Yin, which is why Chinese people have leaner muscles and are not as large as other cultures

Miscellaneous factors cont l.jpg
Miscellaneous Factors Cont.

  • (Yin is large because he loves Cheese)

  • Chopsticks, although fun to use, are more difficult than forks, allowing for increased calories burned per meal, and less food administered per capita