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-Sweatin’ it in the East- By (CB) 2 PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Chinese Fitness. -Sweatin’ it in the East- By (CB) 2. By Mike Feldman & Brandon Boldt . What’s on the Menu. Diet Exercise Routine Physical Labor. Diet. Many Vegetables and Legumes (even during breakfast) Significantly less dairy and beef

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-Sweatin’ it in the East- By (CB) 2

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Chinese Fitness

-Sweatin’ it in the East-

By (CB)2

By Mike Feldman & Brandon Boldt

What’s on the Menu

  • Diet

  • Exercise

  • Routine Physical Labor


  • Many Vegetables and Legumes (even during breakfast)

  • Significantly less dairy and beef

  • Not as many sweets (most candy comes from America)

  • Well-rounded diet including animals and rice

Diet Cont.

  • Food is minced into small portions before serving

  • Smaller plates make for smaller servings

  • “Saucy Susan” is utilized, presenting the eater with a broad spectrum of food groups including animals and rice

  • Chopsticks more tedious to use than fork --> less food therefore consumed

Diet Cont…

  • Food cooked in Soy oils rather than animal oils or rice oils

  • Very few midday/between meal snacks


  • Healthy physical conditioning considered important

  • Government Ministry of Health and State Physical Culture Administration stresses the importance of exercise

  • Provincial government and committees encourage exercise and use of town squares to work out

  • Companies stress mandatory exercise for employees

Exercise Cont.

  • Fitness is stressed in schools and physical activities such as martial arts and basketball are taught

  • Schools specializing in Martial Arts (Shaolin School) and gymnastics exist

Exercise Cont…

  • Each city contains a square or location where routine morning and evening exercises exist

  • Exercises in the square include but are not limited to…


  • TAI CHI!



Exercise Cont….

  • While exercising Chinese maintain customs, such as fan dancing and Tai Chi

  • In America Chinese exercises like Tai Chi have grown in popularity

  • Chinese work ethic

  • Practicality of working out

Daily Routine

  • Manual labor in nearly all sectors of work

  • Production in factories done by hand

  • Bicycles used to commute

Daily Routine Cont.

  • Chopsticks burn more calories per meal than calories burned per meal by a fork


  • Not all Chinese are skinny

  • As of 2002 about 18% of China suffer from obesity

  • Heart problems now plague China

  • Obesity especially prominent in children

Obesity Cont.

  • Cause of Obesity is likely Westernization of the Chinese diet

  • Dairy, beef, and especially sweets are consumed like never before

Obesity Cont.

  • Chinese Ministry of Health and Public Health Service Committees are attacking obesity as it is a real threat

    • Free medical evaluations

    • Declare 2001 a “health year”

    • Fat farms

Miscellaneous Factors

  • For an American or a foreigner, Dysentery will hit causing dehydration, loss of appetite, and weight loss

  • The Chinese believe that “milk is for babies”Yin, which is why Chinese people have leaner muscles and are not as large as other cultures

Miscellaneous Factors Cont.

  • (Yin is large because he loves Cheese)

  • Chopsticks, although fun to use, are more difficult than forks, allowing for increased calories burned per meal, and less food administered per capita

Happy Trails!

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