robert rebich brandon aldecoa anas hussain
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Robert Rebich Brandon Aldecoa Anas Hussain. Sponsored by:. Team ThumbStart. New cars use keyless entry Bring bikes up with that trend Remove the need for keys, cards... etc. Biometrics are getting cheaper Fingerprints are the most reliable. Project Background.

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Presentation Transcript
robert rebich brandon aldecoa anas hussain
Robert Rebich

Brandon Aldecoa

Anas Hussain

Sponsored by:

Team ThumbStart

project background

New cars use keyless entry

Bring bikes up with that trend

Remove the need for keys, cards... etc.

Biometrics are getting cheaper

Fingerprints are the most reliable

Project Background
project definition

Implement fingerprint scanner to be used for ignition of a motorcycle

Train multiple users


Ability to withstand road conditions


Project Definition
project costs
Project Costs
  • Design Budget: ~$2000
  • Keep total system cost under $150
various scanners

Stand alone scanner vs. embedded scanner

  • Various types
    • Optical
    • Thermal
    • Capacitive
    • Electric field
Various Scanners
sfm3010 fc

Thermal Scanner

3.3 V power input

Scanner operative range (-40 to 85⁰C)

Module operating range (0 to 70⁰C)

Store 1900 Unique Finger Prints

atmel avr

Currently working with ATmega48

AVR series very similar: code easily ported

Flexibility with memory, I/O, cost

Operating voltage range (2.7V – 5.5V)

voltage regulation
Voltage Regulation
  • Possible options
    • Zener diode voltage regulation
    • Off the shelf regulator
    • LM2937IMP-3.3CT-ND

Interfaces between AVR and scanner DSP

    • Toggling GPIO pins (on DSP)
    • Serial communication
      • USART0
  • Commands
    • Send (AVR to DSP)
      • Enroll
      • Identify
      • Delete
    • Receive (DSP to AVR)
      • Succeed
      • Fail



Success, Failure

Enroll, Identify, Delete


radio frequency ignition control

Use RF

    • Engage relay
    • Start the bike
  • Ease installation
    • Replace starter relay
    • Wirless: no problem because cable too short
  • Possible back up system
  • Downside: Cost
    • Linx modules cost $8 to $10 per receiver and $5 to $7 per transmitter
Radio Frequency Ignition Control

Unique code with every unit

    • inputs code using the keypad
      • begin the enroll process
      • User capable of programming own unique code
  • User trained: system ready for use
  • New user: repeat enrolling
packaging and positioning

Early stage

    • Decision about choice of AVR chip
      • Number of I/O ports
        • 11-13 I/O
      • Size of final program
      • Choose ATMEGA48
  • Placing
    • Under seat
    • Keypad over the rest of the electronics
      • Possibly removable
  • Packaged
    • Survive harsh environmental conditions
    • Easy to mount
    • Hidden scanner
    • Small size
Packaging and Positioning
on going issues

Length of the ribbon cable

    • Currently Suprema only has a two inch cable
    • Would like to extend length to about 1ft
    • Suprema doesn’t have longer cable
    • Longer cable not recommend
    • Communication issues with extended length
  • Heat tolerance of Suprema DSP chip
    • Atmel AVR chips and scanner have industrial temp. ratings, Suprema DSP doesn’t
On Going Issues