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Class of 2014 Guidance Information. The College Application Process. http:// Overview. Program Planning Process Junior and Senior Year Timelines The College Application Process. Program Planning for 12 th Grade.

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Class of 2014 Guidance Information

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Class of 2014Guidance Information

The College Application Process


Program Planning Process

Junior and Senior Year Timelines

The College Application Process

Program Planning for 12th Grade

Counselors will meet with all students to review & confirm selections, check credits, answer questions.

Verification report listing requested courses will be available on the Portal on March 13th.

Deadline for changes is March 20th.

Changes to selections after that date will only be made for prerequisite issues.

Schedules will be available on Portal at the end of August.

Junior Year Timeline

Types of Applications

School Specific Online Application.

The Common Application: done online or mailed; accessible on

*Approximately 488 Colleges/Universities currently use the Common App

PSU – online only

Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education:

Types of Application Deadlines

Regular Decision

Rolling Admissions

Early Action

Early Decision

Senior Year Timeline

Senior Year Stress?! Don’t let this happen…

How to apply to colleges

  • Step 1 – Create a Common Application Account (even if you don’t plan to apply to a “Common App” school

  • Step 2 – Login to Naviance and complete the FERPA waiver

  • Step 3 – Complete transcript request forms and submit to Mrs. West in Guidance (available on CB East Guidance webpage)

  • Step 4 – Complete Teacher Letter of Recommendation Form with Mrs. West in guidance

Step 1: The Common ApplicationIntroduction

The Common App Allows Students to use one central application on a variety of colleges.

Currently, there are 488 colleges represented by common app.

This will help save time, but it will take some time to get use to. So please plan accordingly

The Common App Open Date is August 1, 2013

Step 1: The Common ApplicationRegistration

CB EAST School Code


Helpful Hint:

Remember to Write Down Your User Name and Password


You will need to sync your Username and Password to Naviance

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

Keep in mind there are a variety of different types of deadlines from

RD, RA, EA, & ED

Helpful Hint:

Many seniors recommend writing them down in a central location

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application


If you change or drop a class in your senior year it is your responsibility to let each college know

Enter in your senior year courses. It is important for you to take a rigorous course load, but balanced and within your capability level

A college reserves the right to withdraw your acceptance letter.

A college looks at Mid Year and Final Transcripts in comparison to your original application

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

My senior friends tell me the Personal Essay and Supplemental Essays take the longest. Guess I better get cracking!

Filling out your college applications


Taking classes at the same time



Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

Additional information can be provided. This is a good opportunity to explain events/ issues that you may have experienced that may have affected your high school career.

The Common App allows students to upload his/her personal essay. So saving a copy of your essay(s) to Word is highly recommended

For example, family issue, medical issue, etc…

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

Dude, Seriously?! There’s more!

My senior friends were not joking!!

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

Now they want Statement, Short Answer, and Optional Questions


REMEMBER You Can start early: The Common App Open Date is August 1, 2013

Step 1: The Common ApplicationFilling out the common application

Remember College Application Fees can be expensive…

$80 App Fee


8 colleges = $640

Only apply to colleges you are serious about attending

Try to target 3-7 schools

Look for colleges that waive application fees through their own website

Step 2:Naviance

Why is Naviance Important?

It is used by CB East Guidance to electronically send Transcripts, the CBE School Profile, & Other Supporting Documentation a College Requires as part of the Official Student Application

Log into Naviance

Click on colleges tab

Click on

“colleges I’m applying to”

Step 2: Naviance

Complete the FERPA Waiver – we recommend clicking “Yes, I waive my right”.


You will need to sync your Username and Password to Naviance

Step 2: Naviance

Students can access the confirmation codes for proof that the college received their transcript

Step 3: Complete a transcript request (TR) form

available only on East guidance website!

print it out at home and bring it to Mrs. West in guidance.

one TR for each college

parent signature needed for EVERY TR

$1.00 processing fee required for each TR

you can track the status of your TR through your Naviance account

plan ahead – you must hand in the TR a minimum of 15 SCHOOL days before application deadline.

Step 3: Transcript Request Form

Checking this box means that your SAT and ACT scores WILL NOT be on your transcript! You must have them sent from Collegeboardor ACT

Upon submission:

You will be asked If the college accepts Common App, you must know if you applied using Common App or the college’s own application when you turn in your TR

You will be asked on the FERPA waiver to either waive or not waive your rights to see your recommendations. We recommend waiving your rights as colleges will put more value on your recommendations

Step 3: Other important information

  • Only hand in TR for colleges to which you will definitely be applying

    • you should have already applied to the college, or will be applying within the next month –

    • When applying to Penn State, you must have already submitted your application beforeyou hand in your TR

  • Do not print any counselor forms for us to fill out. We have access to them online.

Step 4: Teacher Recommendations

  • Ask teachers, in person, ASAP.

    • Teachers may ask you for documentation (resume, brag sheet, questionnaire, etc.)

  • After you submit your transcript request form to Mrs. West in guidance she will give you ONE teacher recommendation checklist for each teacher writing you a letter

    • Example: If you want Ms. Mullis and Ms. Konnick to write your letters of recommendation, Mrs. West will give you two checklists – one for Ms. Mullis and one for Ms. Konnick

Add ONLY the colleges you want this teacher to send your rec to here

Step 4: Teacher Recommendation Checklist

You will fill this out – with the date you want the teacher to send your rec by

Write teacher’s name here

Mrs. West will check the appropriate box

Step 4: Teacher Recommendations

DO NOT ask more teachers to write/submit

recommendations than are wanted or accepted by the colleges

because the teachers will not be able to submit them!

If there is a “mailed” check mark next to a college’s name, that means the teacher rec needs to be MAILED:

  • You must provide the teacher with stamped addressed envelopes at the same time you provide them with the teacher rec checklist.

Common App vs. College vs. Naviance

What can I be doing right now?

  • Develop Personal Statement.

  • Update your Resume in Naviance.

  • Update Application Essays written in English class.

  • Develop a “long list” of 10-20 schools.

  • Do more extensive research on those schools.

  • Trim to “short list” of 3-7 by September.

  • Visit Visit Visit!!!!!!! Find the school that fits you.

  • Consider and contact teacher for letter of recommendation!!!

  • Complete “Counselor Recommendation Request” survey on Naviance if you want a letter from us!

Guidance website

Guidance Homepage

Class of 2014 Guidance Updates

We will post PowerPoint presentations and updates to both sites.

There are also links to Naviance, Portal, E-Prep, Resources and Counselor contact information.

Thank you for attending!

Enjoy the journey!

Please join us again in September at BTSN for a refresher on the application process. Students will receive the information during a senior class assembly in September.

Mr. Sandstrom and Mrs. Jones

Class of 2014 Counselors

-"College admission is a match to be made, not a prize to be won."

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