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Class of 2014!!. Gunning Bedford MS Welcome to your last MS Open House!!. Office Staff. Ms. Taggart 8 th Grade Asst. Principal Ms. Sheppard 8 th Grade Guidance Counselor Ms. Wilson 8 th Grade Staff Center Secretary Please call 832-628 5 to reach the 8 th grade Staff Center!.

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Class of 2014!!

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Class of 2014!!

Gunning Bedford MS

Welcome to your last MS Open House!!

Office Staff

  • Ms. Taggart

    • 8th Grade Asst. Principal

  • Ms. Sheppard

    • 8th Grade Guidance Counselor

  • Ms. Wilson

    • 8th Grade Staff Center Secretary

      Please call 832-6285 to reach the 8th grade Staff Center!

Building Personnel

  • Mr. Moffett, Principal

  • Mrs. Taylor, Nurse

  • Ms. Russo, Special Education Coordinator

  • Ms. Till, School Psychologist

  • Ms.Thompson, Cafeteria Manager

Team 8A Faculty

  • Ms. Campbell, Math and Science (420)

  • Ms. Goldsborough, English and Social Studies (421)

  • Ms. Keister, Math (414)

    • Team Leader

  • Ms. Murphy, English and Social Studies (417)

  • Ms. Temple, Science (419)

Team Policy Overview

  • Parent Conferences: Tuesdays 9:05-9:45

  • Disciplinary policies time outs, lates

  • Incentives…Game days, tickets


  • Ms. Keister’s Website


  • Remind 101

  • Gunning Bedford website


Universal Teaching Strategies

  • Learning Focused

  • Enrichment

  • Extra Time

Learning Focused Strategies

  • Student Learning Maps for every unit which are common across the district

  • Graphic Organizers are essential for student learning and should be used as a study tool for students.

  • Collaborative pairs

  • Culminating Activities


  • 38 minutes per day

  • Rotate sections every marking period (9 weeks)

  • Team determines placement

  • A variety of classes

    • All core subjects + exploratory courses

    • Some students receive extra help in the core, others are extended in different areas

Extra Time

  • More information will follow in October

    • Extra Help after school

    • All subjects

    • After school buses are available

Grading Policies

District Grading Scale

93%-100% A

85%-92% B

77%-84% C

70%-76% D

>70% F

  • 0% policy

  • How to access & understand HAC

  • Expectations for grading

“The standards are designed to be robust and relevant to the real world, reflecting the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. With American students fully prepared for the future, our communities will be best positioned to compete successfully in the global economy.”

Common Core State Standards


  • At this time, math and ELA are the only two subjects based on CCSS

  • In math, it is the first year transitioning to these standards

  • 8th grade math has had the least amount of change in the math curriculum than any other grade level

  • Nation-wide

8th Grade Math/Algebra I

Algebra, Geometry, Number Sense, Statistics, Probability

Ms. Keister

Units Covered

Math in Context

  • Revisiting Numbers

  • Ups and Downs

  • Graphing Equations

  • It’s All the Same

  • Insights into Data

  • Algebra Rules

  • Great Predictions

Grading System for Math

Assessments 60%

Classwork 30%

Homework 10%

District Grading Scale

93%-100% A

85%-92% B

77%-84% C

70%-76% D

>70% F

Helping your students with math

  • Review/re-work classwork on a nightly basis

  • Homework Hotline…323-2724…#608…1

  • Summary/Check Your Work

  • Graphic Organizer

  • click on Resources, then Parent

8th Grade English

Ms. Goldsborough

Ms. Murphy


Literature and Reading Center

Vocabulary and Spelling Center

Writing and Grammar Center

Media Center

Types of Reading Passages and Text

5-4-3 Grading System

5: Student demonstrates a complete or satisfactory understanding of the concept. They have met all the criteria outlined for a specific assignment.

4: Student demonstrates an emerging understanding of the concept. They may have satisfied a few of the criteria outlined for a specific assignment.

3: Student demonstrates a limited understanding of the topic. Their response did not meet the criteria outlined for a specific assignment.

Common ELA Grading Standards

Social Studies

Ms. Goldsborough

Ms. Murphy

Marking Period 1

Economics and The Colonial Period

  • Economics

  • The Colombian Exchange

  • Exploration

Marking Period 2

The Constitution

  • Declaration of Independence

  • The Bill of Rights

  • State/Local Government

Marking Period 3

The Early Nation

  • Political parties emerge

  • French Revolution

  • Washington

Marking Period 4

Conflict and Cooperation

  • Trail of Tears

  • North vs. South

  • Westward Expansion

Assessments and Grading

  • District Common Assessment is given at the end of every marking period

  • Smaller assessments are given throughout the marking period (i.e. tests, projects, et

  • Assessments – 60%

  • Classwork - 30%

  • Homework- 10%


Ms. Campbell

Ms. Temple

Units of Instruction

  • Transformation of Energy

  • Weather

  • Planetary Systems

  • Ecosystems

Grading Policy

  • Assessments/Projects 45%

  • Labs25%

  • HW/CW10%

  • Journals20%

Academic Enrichment

  • DCAS Review

    • 6th and 7th Grade Review

  • May also include extending activities

Exploratory Staff

Presented by

Mr. Pace

Exploratory Staff

Gunning Bedford Exploratory Team

Exploratories, for the most part, are marking period courses, with the exception of Band and Chorus, which are yearlong, Health, which is a semester and Phys Ed which is a combination. Students receive a grade for whichever Exploratory they are assigned.

BOX TOP Collection

Students are encouraged to collect Box Tops for their classrooms all year. The first homeroom competition will end on October 25th!! The homeroom with the most Box Tops will be rewarded!!

“Box Tops for Education has helped America’s schools earn over $475 million since 1996. You can earn cash for your child’s school by clipping Box Tops coupons from hundreds of participating products. Box Tops also offers easy ways to earn even more cash for your school online.”


We will be available in our rooms briefly after the presentation to address specific course concerns.

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