Where am i going in life
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Where am I going in life? PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Where am I going in life?. Setting a Career Target. What am I good at? 1) You will first need to determine your area of interest. *Strengths, abilities, and talents *Interests *Goals: journal entries *Learning styles     (We did a learning styles inventory

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Where am I going in life?

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Where am I going in life?

Setting a Career Target

What am I good at?1) You will first need to determine your area of interest.

*Strengths, abilities, and talents


*Goals: journal entries

*Learning styles

    (We did a learning styles inventory

    at the beginning of the year)    

*CFNC: Interest Profiler and Career Cluster Survey

You should have an account already through the Howingtons or Mrs. Cowan.

If not, you will set one up firstname_lastname and write down your password

and login info in your agenda.


*Resources in your agenda

Training2) Where can I obtain the education and skills I need to pursue my career of interest?

Things to consider:

  • Location

  • Admission requirements

  • Costs

    • Tuition

    • Housing

    • Transportation

    • Food

    • Books

  • Financial Assistance

  • Other interests: sports, clubs, extracurriculars

                ...But Mrs. Byrd, I wanna be                    a baller!!!!

Take a look at some research from the NCAA listed in the following table.  The table shows six different sports broken down by the percentage of high school athletes who go on to play for a college team, how many of those college players go on to play professionally, and ultimately how that translates into the percentage of high school players who get the chance to go pro. 


            ...But Mrs. Byrd, I want to serve    serve my country in the military!!!! 

  • The military offers excellent opportunities to pursue a career

    • The GI Bill

    • Specialized service areas

Research is an important skill that you will need as you enter high school and as you enter the workforce.

The purpose of this project is for you to explore possible avenues by which you might obtain a degree in the area of your choice. 

  • I will compare and contrast two institutions which offer the course of study I am interested in pursuing.

    • I will learn about the research process and how to avoid plagiarism:

      the unauthorized use or close imitation of the language and thoughts of another author and the representation of them as one's own original work, as by not crediting the author

    • I will utilize Noodle Tools to  learn how to properly produce a research document with in-text citations and a works cited page. 

    • I will conclude which school or program is best for me based on specific criteria.


  • CFNC webpage

  • Websites of the schools or training programs in which you are interested

  • An article from a magazine, journal, newspaper or online version of the same, related to one of your criteria .  This article does not have to be directly related to one of your chosen schools, but should be a general article relating to the pursuit of higher education in the 21st century.

    Example: http://www.highereducation.org/reports/hunt_tierney/hunt.shtml

What format will my paper take?

Outline (on webpage)

Components and formatting

You may choose to either compare the schools on each criterion at the same time OR

focus on evaluating all the criteria for one school and then the other (this option will change the format of your outline)

There will be checkpoints along the way.

Final product is due Friday, December 16th (in 5 weeks)

We will have netbooks this week so I can help you get started and I will offer open lab days after school on Mondays and Tuesdays if you need computer access.

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