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Management of Engineers and Technology. People Issues. Themes. BS Engineering programs emphasize technical competency Engineers do many non-technical tasks Engineering and management have very little in common Education can help ease the transition. Making the Transition.

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  • BS Engineering programs emphasize technical competency

  • Engineers do many non-technical tasks

  • Engineering and management have very little in common

  • Education can help ease the transition

Making the transition
Making the Transition

  • Social/people focus

    • Relationships

    • Communication

    • Conflict resolution

  • New definition of success

    • Leadership

    • Motivation

    • Strategy (direction)

    • Business/customer focus

Principle 1 mastering relationships
Principle 1: Mastering Relationships

  • People are central to business

    • Employees, boss, coworkers

    • Suppliers, customers, regulators

    • Family, friends, community

  • People need to be…

    • Led

    • Motivated

    • Accommodated

    • Organized

Business is about people
Business is about People

  • Social interaction

  • Communication

  • Competition

  • Politics

  • Conflict

  • What are engineers good at?

Successful projects
Successful Projects

  • Done by a group of people with good

    • Organization, communication

    • Leadership, motivation, influence

    • Focus on a goal

    • Decision making, problem solving

Not about technology
Not About Technology

  • The best technology does not always win

    • Sony Betamax/VHS

    • Windows/Mac

    • Linux/Windows?

Management success
Management success

  • In modern society, we are specialists

    • We have expertise in a very narrow area

    • We rely on others for everything else

    • Relationships enable success

  • Your ability to deal with people determines your success as a manager

  • Put people first, technology second

More themes
More Themes

  • Engineers are valued for their technical abilities

  • Relationships rule business

  • People issues dominate relationships

  • To make the transition to management, acquire good people skills

Homework 1 emotional intelligence
Homework 1:Emotional Intelligence

  • Emotion and intelligence are connected, not opposites

  • Emotions affect thinking, reasoning, judgment, actions

  • Emotional IQ may be more important than traditional IQ in success

  • Engineers usually have low emotional IQ

Why people seem difficult
Why People Seem Difficult

  • Technical systems, although complex, obey logical rules and/or laws

  • Individual people are more complex and follow no set rules

  • A system of multiple people is incredibly complex and unpredictable

Personality types
Personality Types

  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator

    • Extrovert/Introvert (external/internal)

    • Sensing/iNtuitive (concrete/abstract)

    • Thinking/Feeling (what we trust)

    • Judging/Perceiving (planned/spontaneous)

Uses of personality typing
Uses of Personality Typing

  • Person-job match

  • Identify areas for development

  • Anticipating and resolving conflict

  • Promoting diversity

Dangers of personality typing
Dangers of Personality Typing

  • Results of tests may differ depending on when they are taken

  • Putting people into one of 16 neat categories seems overly simple

  • Types can become stereotypes

Behavioral tendencies
Behavioral Tendencies

  • People tend to do what is best for themselves

  • People want to avoid looking bad

  • People tend to go with the crowd

  • People make communication challenging

  • People are imperfect


  • People are complex and hard to predict

  • Systems of people are difficult to manage

  • Knowing about personality types and behavioral tendencies (raising your Emotional IQ) can help you be a better manager

  • Most engineers have a long way to go