Ibm provisioning solutions server network storage and software
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IBM Provisioning Solutions (Server, Network, Storage, and Software) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IBM Provisioning Solutions (Server, Network, Storage, and Software). Definitions of Provisioning and Orchestration. Provisioning: Addition, Modification, or Removal of any “IT” Asset to accommodate the need of the desired environment. Orchestration :

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Ibm provisioning solutions server network storage and software

IBM Provisioning Solutions(Server, Network, Storage, and Software)

Definitions of provisioning and orchestration
Definitions of Provisioning and Orchestration

  • Provisioning:

    • Addition, Modification, or Removal of any “IT” Asset to accommodate the need of the desired environment.

  • Orchestration:

    • Policy Based design to act upon environmental changes based on “Priority” of Business Service Element.

  • Orchestrated Provisioning:

    • Automatic Addition, Modification, or Removal of any “IT” Asset based on the desired Service Level of a Business Service Element. (Action of Automatically Provisioning a resource into an application environment due to capacity needs)



Tivoli Provisioning Manager: Automate Datacenter Tasks

Automating recurring and manual tasks with best practice workflows.

  • Automate common to complex tasks

  • Redeploy resources to ensure services are provisioned in accordance with business policies

  • Manage change to the environment (i.e. configurations, patches, etc.) to improve service reliability and resiliency

  • Complete Provisioning Solution

    • Servers, storage, software and middleware clusters

    • Switches, routers, firewalls and load balancers

  • Logical device model for improved usability and extensibility

    • Provides the ability to easily add new devices

  • Leverages Customizable Best Practice Workflows for task automation

    • Centralized library of reusable components for quick modification

    • Industrial strength workflow capability provides verification, auditability and rollback

    • Multiple workflow authoring tools (Text Editor, TPM, Eclipse)

Tivoli provisioning manager features
Tivoli Provisioning Manager - Features

  • Provisioning

    • Micro and Macro capability

    • Operating System

    • Software

    • Applications

    • Patches

    • Storage

    • Network

  • ConfigurationManagement

    • Compliance Checks

    • Modeling

    • Remediation

    • Notification

    • CMDB Integration Adapters

    • Reporting

  • Automation

    • Script Processing

    • Heterogeneous Support

    • IT Process Workflow

Tivoli provisioning manager compliance
Tivoli Provisioning Manager - Compliance

  • Ability to Define type of Compliance Checks to be performed

  • Ability to Define What Groups are to be scanned for Compliance and how often

  • Based on Compliance Report, recommendations are created

  • Ability to Approve and Implement Remediation on Compliance issues, whether install, un-install, remove, etc.

Tpm 5 1 hardware inventory
TPM 5.1 Hardware Inventory

  • Captures and stores for reporting rich inventory data for tracking and reporting purposes

Ibm tivoli provisioning manager reporting
IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Reporting

Graphical Display of “Server Compliance by Group”

  • Reporting installed by default

    • No further set up required

  • New categories with predefined reports

    • Discovery, Inventory, Software Deployment, Compliance, Audit

    • “Other” category for individualized reports

  • Variety of output formats

    • Highly flexible graphical capability

    • PDF, HTML, CSV (comma-separated values)

    • XML for easy data interchange with other applications

  • Reporting import and exporting

    • Easily share custom reports

    • Easy way to save and restore reports

Ibm tivoli provisioning manager software distribution dynamic content delivery
IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Software DistributionDynamic Content Delivery

  • Leading Edge SECURITY

    • Advanced Encryption Standard AES 128-bit *

    • No backdoors, built through an open evaluation process

    • Secured in transit, on depots and on peers

    • Optimized specifically for software encryption

  • Market Leading SCALABILITY

    • Extremely large file and content distribution capability

    • Clients simultaneously pull different portions of a file from associated peers/servers.

      • From depots positioned on edge of network

      • From local peers

    • Pulls from closest depots and peers to reduce network impact

* AES provides strong encryption and has been selected by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard in November 2001 (FIPS-197), and in June 2003 the U.S. Government (NSA) announced that AES is secure enough to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level, which is the highest security level and defined as information which would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security if disclosed to the public.

Change management integration
Change Management Integration

  • Integration to Change Management technologies (such as Infoman) is done through the use of SOAP API calls into Tivoli Provisioning Manager.

  • The SOAP calls can automate workflow operations into the environment, either to deploy applications, software, servers, network configurations, or even storage elements.

  • Communication can be then sent back to the change management technology with updates on the workflow process.

  • Customers have successfully implemented this functionality with existing CM tools to drive the entire provisioning process in their environment.

Change Management




Tivoli Provisioning


Release management integration
Release Management Integration

  • Tivoli Provisioning Manager can integrate directly with Release Management tools (ClearCase, ClearQuest) to pull out source packages and deploy them to the environment.

  • Integration back to the Development workflow technology allows and up to date view of what is actually deployed to the environment.


  • Demonstration of Tivoli Provisioning Manager 5.1

    • Quick Interface Overview

    • End to End Provisioning Scenario

Large Telecommunications Company in the USIncreasing Automation across Diverse Data Center Environments

Business Challenge

  • Increase automation of IT Service Delivery to reduce cost of management across 3 diverse Data Center Environments

Business Benefits

“Our organization is moving toward a more OnDemand Environment. In order to accomplish this we need to automate every process that we can. Tivoli, as a part of our Framework, has enabled us to automate several manual and human intensive tasks into automated workflow processes that are integrated across multiple silos in our organization.”

Director, IT Automation

Large Telco in the US

  • Significant savings in man hours by taking manual tasks and automating them across 3 OS Platforms

  • Data Center Model to model and keep track of resource states

  • Integration of Provisioning functions across OS, Software, and Storage environments. Reducing tasks that took days to minutes

  • Cohesive integration of People, Process, and Technology inside internal automation framework


  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager

Ibm tivoli provisioning manager cut costs respond to the business faster
IBM Tivoli Provisioning ManagerCut Costs, Respond to the Business Faster

  • Business Challenge

    • Dramatically expand IBM eServer and TotalStorage Application Portfolio

    • Outbound program is expensive

    • Inbound program only provides short-term support

  • On Demand Business Benefit

    • VLP produced highly scalable, centralized and responsive ISV testing system

    • Automate 34 manual, error-prone steps to one automated action

    • Testing environment ready in two hours vs. days to weeks

  • Solution

    • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager for Automation

    • IBM pSeries p690 LPAR Technology for Virtualization

“The Virtual Loaner Program is allowing us to expand our ISV support. We are seeing:

  • Improved satisfaction because ISV’s are allowed to work on their own schedules with their unique environments

  • Less manual processes from building a complete test environment to simply eliminating hardware and software tracking.

    This solution is a game changer for us!”

    Franck Barillaud Virtual Loaner Program Architect

Virtual Loaner Website -

Royal bank of canada financial group improving test environments with provisioning
Royal Bank of Canada Financial GroupImproving Test Environments with Provisioning

Business Challenge

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies of test and development service infrastructures

Business Benefits

“RBC sees IBM’s automated provisioning solution as one more way to support our commitment to providing excellent service to all of our customers. Tivoli Provisioning Manager will become a strategic solution, supporting consistency and innovation within the business”

Patricia Medhurst

Manager, Distributed Lab & Host Facility

RBC Financial Group

  • Significant savings in person hours per year through automated execution of manual processes

  • Electronic repository of “Build Book” best practices

  • Repurposing of infrastructure more accurate & consistent, performed with shortened times and off-hours.

  • Business friendly technology that leverages existing investment in testing tools and processes


  • IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager