continuing to navigate the c s
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CONTINUING TO NAVIGATE THE C’S…. FROM COLLABORATIVE COMMUNITIES TO COMPLIANCE Zabrina Cannady and Robin Boutwell Houston County School District. And have you heard…. The expectation is that local districts will develop and implement policies and procedures that are aligned with the IDEA. .

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continuing to navigate the c s



Zabrina Cannady and Robin Boutwell

Houston County School District

and have you heard
And have you heard…

The expectation is that local districts will develop and implement policies and procedures that are aligned with the IDEA.

  • Policies are “board approved” written mandates that align with rules and regulations.
  • Procedures are written steps for implementing policies, rules, and regulations.
  • Practices are the implementation of procedures, which are documented using evidence such as interviews, observations, student records, etc.
we re good right
We’re good…right?

When looking at the Compliance Rubric, it was obvious to us that NO…we are not good! The reassuring thing was that we did have SOME OF THAT!!!

our mission
Our mission…

It became apparent to us that we needed to go from Emergent/Operational to Fully Operational.

So to achieve the mission…where do we even start???

when in doubt begin with the end in mind sound familiar
When in doubt…begin with the end in mind (sound familiar???)
  • We want to be Fully Operational, so we looked at the Rubric and determined that we would begin with the first element:
    • Evidence of Written Procedures
          • There are thorough written procedures that address all measurable indicators and important processes that support the provision of FAPE and the appropriate use of federal, state, and local resources. Stakeholders have participated in developing these written procedures.
but there are 5 areas
But there are 5 areas…
  • Identification Process
  • Services and Supports
  • Student Progress
  • Parent Engagement
  • College and Career Readiness
our system began with the end
Our system began with the end…
  • We decided to begin with College and Career Readiness.
    • High impact area
    • Goes hand in hand with Transition and Bridge Bill
    • Lu Nations-Miller is our DL!!!!
navigation please
Navigation, please!!!
  • We looked at the following:
    • Compliance Rubric
    • Procedures Development Template
    • Protocol for Procedures Development
    • Focus Areas Overarching Analysis Question
and we came up with a plan
And we came up with a plan!
  • We invited people to join us as part of a Collaborative Community focused on College and Career Readiness for SWD.
the question
The Question
  • Are students with disabilities prepared for college and/or career upon exiting high school?
why that information
Why that information?
  • The district data that was shared came from the Sampling of Supporting Data…we used the indicators that were suggested.
group discussion
Group Discussion
  • The large group broke into 5 small groups. Each group had a facilitator, who was either a Program Specialist or Transition Teacher. Each facilitator had one question which they posed to the group for discussion. Notes were taken during the discussion.
what did the groups discuss
What did the groups discuss?
  • Each group was assigned 1 of the probing questions for discussion.
back in the large group
Back in the large group
  • Summarized the discussion.
  • Took questions and concerns.
  • Determined that we would meet back in 3 months to go over compiled information and refine that information as we move forward in development of policies and procedures.
  • Group asked to add 15 minutes to the next meeting so that we could do introductions!
overall picture
Overall picture
  • There were 32 people in attendance.
  • 12 of those 32 were members of the Student Services staff.
  • The other 20 consisted of:
    • 7 parents
    • 2 business partners
    • 4 principals
    • 2 SLPs
    • 1 Counselor/1 Director of CTAE/1 Director of Testing/1 Director of GLRS/1 EFMP from RAFB
after our maiden voyage
After our Maiden Voyage…
  • Compiled the information from the first meeting.
  • Drafted the following:
    • Performance Targets
    • Process-steps to be accomplished that will comprise a procedure that enables district to meet the performance targets
    • Monitoring-how compliance will be measured.
set sail for parent engagement
Set sail for Parent Engagement
  • Scheduled and held the second Collaborative Community meeting.
  • Reviewed the feedback from the first CC meeting.
  • Discussed performance targets, processes, and monitoring.
when the boat docked
When the boat docked…

Used the feedback to create written procedures for College and Career Readiness.


Began compiling the information for Parent Engagement.

2 down 3 to go
2 down, 3 to go…
  • So…we had a plan for 2 of the elements on the rubric:
    • Evidence of Written Procedures
    • Accessibility of Written Procedures
and the 3 to go
And the 3 to go…
  • Our attention turned to the next 3 elements:
    • Evidence of Professional Learning
    • Monitoring of Compliance with Procedures
    • Effective Outcomes Related to Procedures and Practices
our big idea
  • We developed a “working document” that would address the last 3 elements on the compliance rubric.
now remember
Now remember…

This is a work in progress! We wanted to share our vision of how a Collaborative Community can come together and set sail toward Compliance!!!

let us hear your big ideas
Let us hear your BIG IDEAS!!!

Comments…Questions…GREAT IDEAS…

our contact information
Ourcontact information

Zabrina Cannady

Director of Student Services

Houston County Board of Education


[email protected]

Robin Boutwell

Lead Program Specialist

Houston County Board of Education


[email protected]