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What is the module about?. As you can see from the schedule this is a practical module New skills! It must be underpinned with background reading and wider SE practice where directed As always we only have 12 weeks and so do not get overwhelmed by the subject matter. Skills include.

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History 1

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History 1

  • The “software crisis”, recognised C1969. - threatened the progress of the computer industry

  • People-time was and still is relatively expensive, machine-time is now very cheap.

  • Programming was and still is very time intensive.

  • Products need support - probably more than ever

  • Software is complex; imagine creating a car with no drawings, specifications or planning.

  • Software “lives” – it somewhat “erodes” with age – contexts, details, standards and usage change

The future

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The future

  • SE still as relevant today as it was in 1970

  • Tools have changed and will continue to do so

  • CASE tools have had limited success - specialised tools tend to be used for each stage

    • Modelling, Design, Testing, Optimisation etc.

    • UML is interesting as it is universal

  • New sets of challenges appeared in the latter part of the 1990’s - web development – we will look at this later on in the module when we cover JSP

  • Requirements capture as important as ever for the success of a project….this has not changed in being still the area most prone to getting it wrong

  • Still evidence of projects failing however…..why? <discuss>