Lecture 1 definition of business feasibility study
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Lecture 1 Definition of Business Feasibility Study. Fanny Widadie, S.P, M.Agr. Education & Training . " A person who graduated, yesterday and stops studying today is uneducated tomorrow.". Fear & Wisdom. "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom." (Bertrand Russell).

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Lecture 1 definition of business feasibility study

Lecture 1Definition of Business Feasibility Study

Fanny Widadie, S.P, M.Agr

Education training
Education & Training

  • "A person who graduated, yesterday and stops studying today is uneducated tomorrow."

Fear wisdom
Fear & Wisdom

  • "To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom."

  • (Bertrand Russell)

Feasibility Analysis: Testing an Opportunity

  • Discuss the importance of defining a prospective business by writing a clear and concise business concept.

  • Describe how a feasibility study can be used to test a concept in the marketplace.


Feasibility Analysis: Testing an Opportunity

Business concepts need to be tested in the market.

Once a concept is judged feasible, a business plan will help the entrepreneur develop a strategy for executing the concept.




Studying mechanism

Rule and studying discipline

Definition and activity process

Understanding “Business Feasibility Study”

The importance of investing

The reason studying Business Feasibility

Understanding business feasibility study


 Understanding Business Feasibility Study

 Investment understanding

Based on William F. Sharfe,investmentis about sacrificing money now for the money in the future.

 Kinds of investment :

1. real investment2. financial investment

Project understanding


Project understanding

GenerallyProjectis a kind of activity which involves many resources that are available within a particular bucket (organization) in a particular period of time to do an activity that has been assigned before or to achieve a particular goal.


 Project’s activities include :

  • Building of new facilities

  • Repairment of current facilities

  • Research and development

     How do projects appear :

  • A market demand

  • To increase a product’s quality

  • Government’s activity

Business understanding


Business Understanding

Is an activity or effort that had been done to get benefit based on a purpose and the target business that was done in order to achieve profit according to the goal and the target aimed in many aspects, whether it be quantity or time.

 Profit is the main reason within a business, whether it be short term or long term.

Developing a business concept
Developing a Business Concept

Once you have a idea for a new business, define it by writing a clear and concise business concept.

business concepta clear and concise description of a business opportunity; it contains four elements: the product or service, the customer, the benefit, and the distribution

Section 5.1 Feasibility Analysis: Testing an Opportunity

Understanding business feasibility study1


Understanding Business Feasibility Study

 An thorough study of an activity or a business that would be undertaken, it is done so in order to decide whether the business is feasible or not to be undertaken.

Factors that causes failure in business


Factors That Causes Failure in Business

Data and information that are not sufficient

Not thorough


Wrong direction of work

Environment condition

Element of deliberateness

Preventing business failure


Preventing Business Failure

Fulfilling and also the accuracy of data and information taken

Specialist workers that are used are reliable and good

Selecting the right methods and measuring tool.

Loyalty from the Business Feasibility Study team

Business benefits


Business Benefits

Achieving profits

 Providing employment

Providing facilities

 Opening geographic isolation

Increasing unity and helping the solidity of development

Economy benefits


Economy Benefits

Increasing amount of goods and services

 Increasing the product’s quality

Increase in devisa

 Saving in devisa

The reason studying business feasibility


The Reason Studying Business Feasibility

  • Avoiding non-profitable risks

  • Makes planning easier

  • Makes initiating work easier

  • Makes watching over staff easier

  • Makes controlling easier

Organizations that needs business feasibility study


Organizations that needs Business Feasibility Study

  • Business owners

  • Creditor

  • Government

  • The citizen

  • Management

Aspects in evaluation


Aspects in Evaluation

  • Law aspect

  • Market and marketing aspect

  • Financial aspect

  • Technic/Operation aspect

  • Management/Organization aspect

  • Sosial economics aspect

  • Environmental issue aspect

Evaluation aspect schemes


Evaluation aspect schemes

Law Aspects

Market & Marketing aspects

Financial Aspects





Operation/Technical aspect

Management aspect

Social/Economic aspects

Enviro aspects

Steps in business feasibility study


Steps in Business Feasibility Study

  • Acquiring Data and Information

  • Data Processing

  • Data analysing

  • Decision making

  • Reccomendation

Steps of business feasibility study scheme


Steps of Business Feasibility Study Scheme

Acquiring Data


Data Analysing

not feasible

Decission Making




Under Taken

Data information resources


Data & Information Resources

  • Economic and business publication taken from newspaper and magazine

  • Indonesia bank publication, Unity of private national banks (PERBANAS) and other financial organizations

  • Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal (BKPM), Badan Pengelola Pasar Modal (Bapepam)

  • Biro Pusat Statistik (BPS)

  • Asosiasi Industri dan dagang yang membawahi jenis usaha yang sejenis

  • Lembaga-lembaga penelitian seperti LIPI ataupun swasta

  • Departemen Teknis. (mis: jika usaha pertanian maka dari Departemen Pertanian)

  • Universities dan TAFEs

  • Other official resources

Thank you see you on lecture number


Thank You….See you on lecture number


  • Make Idea of Business in Agribusiness field and explain how the steps of feasibility analysis

  • Please write succincly the goal of each aspect in feasibility study outline