welcome to english 95
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Welcome to English 95

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Welcome to English 95. English 95, Read Right 2 credits per session. What is English 95, Read Right?. Read Right is an intensive reading improvement program developed by Dee Tadlock from Sheldon, Washington. Students in Read Right make rapid improvement in their reading proficiency.

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welcome to english 95

Welcome to English 95

English 95, Read Right

2 credits per session

what is english 95 read right
What is English 95, Read Right?
  • Read Right is an intensive reading improvement program developed by Dee Tadlock from Sheldon, Washington.
  • Students in Read Right make rapid improvement in their reading proficiency.
  • SFCC students average 6 hours of tutoring to improve one reading grade level.
  • Nation-wide, students average 10 hours of tutoring to improve one grade level.
how does read right work
How does Read Right work?
  • Students learn four methods which lead to rapid reading improvement:
  • 1. Excellent reading when students listen to a recording and read aloud to the tutor.
  • 2. Coached reading when students read aloud to the tutor who coaches when necessary.
  • 3. Independent reading when students read silently during class and at home.
  • 4. Critical Thinking when students work in groups to analyze text.
how do i get started
How do I get started?
  • A tutor will meet with each student to complete a “consultation” where reading level is assessed
  • A tutor will meet with each student to give a “start-up” where students learn how to work with the recorded text and how to read with excellence.
  • Once all four or five students have a consultation and a start-up, the tutoring sessions are ready to begin.
what do i need to bring to class
What do I need to bring to class?
  • Students will not need to buy a textbook for English 95
  • Students will need to bring three very important qualities to the class:
  • 1. Daily attendance
  • 2. Effort while in class
  • 3. Intent to follow the Read Right procedures
how do i earn credit in english 95
How do I earn credit in English 95?
  • Credit is based on attendance, effort and independent reading.
  • Students must complete 20 (50minute) hours of tutoring in a 5-week session. Some class hours meet daily for 50 minutes, some meet four days a week for longer sessions.
  • Effort and intent are necessary to make progress in the Read Right program.
  • 200 minutes of independent reading outside of class is also documented. More practice reading = more improvement.
what if i miss class
What if I miss class?
  • If you miss class, please check with your tutor for a make-up session.
  • Usually, the only make-up sessions available are when someone else misses a class and you can take his/her place.
what happens the first week of class
What happens the first week of class?
  • You will be given an appointment for your consultation and start-up. After your meet with your tutor, she will tell you when to return to start your tutoring sessions.
  • If you are not scheduled to meet with a tutor and the tutoring sessions have not started, you will have the day free.
for more information
For more information:
  • There is a short video of a Read Right tutoring session on the same page as this orientation power point. You are welcome to watch it now or later.
  • Thanks for reading about Read Right, English 95. We are sure your will be pleased with the results just like the SFCC student expresses on the following page.
how read right changed my reading
How Read Right changed my reading:
  • “ When I read, I feel different, I feel that it is easier. I don’t struggle to read each word. I simply look at text, and it seems like text is talking to me. It flows in a line of thought; as a result it is much easier to understand. It doesn’t feel to me as though I am reading, it sounds. . . I don’t know how to explain it. Maybe it is like reading someone’s thoughts. It’s not about the text; it’s all about meanings and I think I just get the meanings.”