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1. Nadia Nab 9M. DESIGNER CLOCK PROJECT RESEARCH. 2 . Roy Litchenstein. I like his designs because they are very dramatic. They emphasise on the shadows by making them completely black. .

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Designer clock project research


Nadia Nab 9M





Designer clock project research


Roy Litchenstein

I like his designs because they are very dramatic. They emphasise on the shadows by making them completely black.

I like the use of colours in the photos. The designs of people have quite a lot of shading and mostly just one or two skin tones. This makes the designs look easy but they are still very artistic.

Designer clock project research


Keith Haring

I like his work because I think they look quite funny. I like the way he added lines around the limbs of the drawings to indicate that they are moving.

I really like how basic the use of color is in his work. It’s appealing to a range of ages.

Designer clock project research



I like these designs, I think they would appeal a lot to children. The color schemes are all very happy looking. I like these ideas very much.

Designer clock project research


Hussein Chalayn

I love these clothes. They all sort of remind me of Lady Gage. They are all very unique and special. The bubble one is really amazing and the dress top-right corner looks really cool, I like the way it can change shape.

Designer clock project research


Jonathan Ive

I like the color use on the electronics. They are not complicated and there isn’t any pointless detail on the items. I like the variation of color available.

Designer clock project research


Michael Peckitt

I love the use of color on the earrings. It’s sort of African looking. These designs are very unique and special. The shapes of the items are all quite simple. I think I would definitely include some of this in my project.

Designer clock project research



I like the patterns on these clothes. They are all very dramatic and very different. I like the way the colors change and the shape of the dress below. The white dress reminds me of roses. They all look very unique.

Designer clock project research


Robert Sabuda

These designs are more complicated than the others. I love all the detail on the house below. I think I really like the teeth on the dinosaur. It’s all very detailed and would take a lot of time and effort to make by hand.

Designer clock project research



I really like the patterns in his work, the are all very full and extremely detailed. I think I could use this in my project perhaps as a border for my clock. I like all the swirls in his designs.

I really like how in the photo above the picture includes animals. They all blend in very easily with the rest of the designs.

Designer clock project research


Thomas Heatherwick

These designs are really unique. I love the amount of color used in the bottom-right photo. The spikes one is also very unusual. I would really like to use these in my project, they are really dramatic and special.

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