Br using colons
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BR: Using Colons. Complete the notes and fill in the blanks using pages 676-678 in the blue grammar book. 1. The colon acts mainly as an _______. 2. Use a colon before a ___________ following an _________________. 3. Colons can also be used to introduce __________.

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BR: Using Colons

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Br using colons

BR: Using Colons

Complete the notes and fill in the blanks using pages 676-678 in the blue grammar book.

1. The colon acts mainly as an _______.

2. Use a colon before a ___________ following an _________________.

3. Colons can also be used to introduce __________.

4. The quotation should be _________ or __________ and should not contain “__________”expression.

5. Use a colon to introduce a sentence that _________ or _________ the sentence before it.

6. Use a colon to introduce a ________ appositive that follows an independent clause.

7. Special uses of colons include:

Bell ringer 2 identifying vocabulary words using context clues

Bell-ringer 2: identifying vocabulary words using context clues

Create a three column chart: in the first column list the underlined vocabulary words. In the second column define it the best of your ability. In the third column list key words that lead to your inferred definition.

1. Bounded to his wheelchair, the two mile walk to school is nothing but a hindrance to Aaron.

2. My grandma would always cower under the stairs when thunderstorms would begin.

3. Ashley wince every time the nurse applied the pressure to her wounds.

Announcements agenda

Announcements & Agenda



Vocabulary quiz: Thursday 8/22 (1st & 4th)/Friday (7th) 8/23

Bring index cards on Monday. Bring interactive reader all next week 


Identifying and analyzing archetypes



Writing prompt

Writing Prompt

  • Respond to the following writing prompt by writing a minimum of four sentences:

    • Who is your personal hero? What qualities does this person have that inspires you?

What are archetypes

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are universal patterns in all stories, cultures, and even dreams of people.

Term coined by Carl Jung

The term archetype can be applied to

The term archetype can be applied to:

An image

A theme

A symbol

An idea

A character

A plot pattern

Common archetypes

Common Archetypes.

  • HERO:

  • circumstances of birth are unusual, attempt is made at birth to kill him; raised by foster parents, returns to his kingdom to right wrongs


  • teacher or counselor; often are father or mother figures to the hero


  • father and son are separated : reunite when son is adult:


  • loyal companions willing to face any number of dangers to be together


  • figure banished from a social group : self-blame or committed crime.

A few more archetypes

A few more archetypes…


  • beast on the side of the hero


  • offers temptation to the hero in exchange for possession of the soul.


  • evil figure redeemed by nobility of hero

Just a few more archetypes

Just a few more! (archetypes)


  • unjustly held responsible for others’ sins


  • brings about the hero’s downfall. The hero is attracted to her/him


  • two lovers forbidden to be together


  • animal or creature disfigured or mutated;

The following slides will be images of several archetypes

The following slides will be images of several archetypes

Observe the picture for ten seconds and write in the far left column, which archetype the picture could represent!

Keep your answer to yourself!

The winner will receive a prize!

Picture one which archetype is this

Picture one: which archetype is this?

Picture two which archetype is this one

Picture two: which archetype is this one?

Picture three how about this one

Picture three: how about this one?

Picture four

Picture Four.

What about this one? Which archetype could this represent?

This picture represents two archetypes can you guess which ones

This picture represents two archetypes…can you guess which ones?

P6 how about this archetype

P6:How about this archetype?

P7 or this one

P7: Or this one?

P8 which archetype does this represent

P8: Which archetype does this represent?

Last one picture 9

Last one! Picture 9…



And the winner is! ______________________

For the remainder of class, finish your Sound of Thunder questions from yesterday. Completing part II and III will receive FULL CREDIT!

Exit ticket pre activity to harrison bergeron

Exit ticket: Pre-activity to “Harrison Bergeron”

  • Read and respond to the prompt and question on page 2 in your interactive reader.

  • As you work on this independently, I will come around the room and check on your sub work. Additionally, I will

    • return your expectation worksheet

    • you will staple it on page 3. (over your review questions)

Bell ringer vocabulary review changing the parts of speech

Bell-ringer: Vocabulary Review..changing the parts of speech.

Copy the following chart and change the parts of speech for each vocabulary word.

Announcements and agenda

Announcements and Agenda


Vocabulary quiz on Thursday (1st and 4th)/ Friday (7th)

Bring interactive reader every day!


Identify and understand parts of plot.

Bump it reading and analysis of “Harrison Bergeron”

Parts of a plot

Parts of a Plot

Class reading of harrison bergeron

Class reading of “Harrison Bergeron”

Characterization of harrison bergeron

Characterization of Harrison Bergeron

Bell ringer activity vocabulary review for quiz on

Bell-ringer activity: vocabulary review for Quiz on _____________

Copy and complete the sentences below:

1. It remains our duty to do all we can to resolve conflict, confront_________________, reduce poverty and promote good governance.

2. Our technical assistant ________________ the promethean board so that the interactive pen could connect accurately with the screen.

3. Susie ______________________ in fear as the monster crept from under her bed.

4. Considering that Ashley is on crutches, the steep stairs in the high school are nothing but a ______________________ on Ashley’s ability to get to class on time.

5. The football field was bathed in a __________________ light as the players ventured onto the grass for their final game.

Vocabulary review

Vocabulary Review

  • Complete four sentences using the following vocabulary words: wince (v), consternation (n), synchronizing (v) and vigilance (n).

Bell ringer activity complete the following matching items

Bell-ringer activity: Complete the following matching items.

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