Performance cockpit an extensible gui platform for performance tools
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Performance Cockpit : An Extensible GUI Platform for Performance Tools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Performance Cockpit : An Extensible GUI Platform for Performance Tools. Tianchao Li ( [email protected] ) Michael Gerndt ( [email protected] ). Content. Performance Tools and the GUIs The General Extensible Architecture Standardized Intermediate Representation

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Performance cockpit an extensible gui platform for performance tools

Performance Cockpit :An Extensible GUI Platform for Performance Tools

Tianchao Li ([email protected])

Michael Gerndt ([email protected])


  • Performance Tools and the GUIs

  • The General Extensible Architecture

  • Standardized Intermediate Representation

  • Towards a Universal Platform for Performance Tools

Performance tools
Performance Tools

  • Commonly used in high performance computing

  • Monitor program execution and produce performance data that can be analyzed to locate and understand performance problems

  • Existing tools (commercial/research) varies in

    • Programming Languages & Programming Paradigms

    • Source instrumentation vs. binary instrumentation

    • Full monitoring vs. selective monitoring

    • Post-mortem analysis vs. run-time analysis

Guis for performance tools
GUIs for Performance Tools

  • Typically, each performance tool provides a customized UI

    • show application structure

    • specify measurement targets

    • control measurement execution

    • display measurement result

  • Diversity of UI brings Many drawbacks

    • inconsistent user interface

      • difficult to learn

      • bad user experience

    • hard to integrate and interoperate

    • Duplicate work on common features

  • We need a common GUI platform

Ep cache project
EP-Cache Project

  • Efficient Parallel Programming of Cache Architectures

    • A three-year research project funded by German Federal Ministry for Education and Research

    • Develop new performance analysis tools and performance tuning techniques with which programs can be improved to efficiently utilize the underlying cache architectures, especially on SMPs

    • Performance measurement tools developed, including

      • Counter-based Profiling and Tracing Environment (CPTE)

      • EP-Cache Monitor (EPCM)

      • ...


  • Based on hardware performance counters

  • Measurement granularity: program regions

  • Profiling, tracing and sampling

  • Post-mortem analysis

  • Result visualization with KCachegrind


  • Based on simulator for shared memory multi-processor

    • Following a novel hardware monitor design

    • Runtime instrumentation of application binary, on-the-fly simulation of cache access behavior and performance monitoring

  • Measurement granularity: code region & data structure

  • Profiling and Tracing

  • Runtime analysis of performance data

  • Result visualization with VAMPIR

The performance cockpit
The Performance Cockpit

  • A common GUI platform for the integration of EP-Cache performance measurement tools

  • Based on Eclipse, CDT, (PTP)

  • The starting point of a Universal Integration Platform for Performance Tools

    • programming language neutral

    • programming paradigm neutral

    • performance tool neutral

The general extensible architecture

CPTE Plug-in

EPCM Plug-in

Instrumentation Plug-ins

Instrumentation Plug-ins

Example Plug-ins

Performance Platform

Eclipse + CDT + Fortran Plug-in

The General Extensible Architecture

The standardized intermediate representation
The Standardized Intermediate Representation

  • Standardized representation should be defined for all relevant information

    • program code region structure

    • program instrumentation targets and/or monitoring requests

    • measured performance data

  • Standardized Intermediate Representation (SIR)

  • standardized abstract representation of program structure

  • Fortran 95, Java, C and C++

  • defined in the APART working group

Future developments
Future Developments

  • Integration with PTP (Parallel Tools Platform)

    • Project lead by from LANL

    • Also based on Eclipse

    • Support a rich set of parallel programming languages and paradigms

    • Provides a core infrastructure for the integration of a wide variety of parallel tools


  • Performance Cockpit provides a basis for future development of a universal integration platform for performance tools.

  • Beneficial to users and developers of all performance tools

    • Consistent user experience

    • Gentler learning curve

    • Enables interoperability among performance tools

    • Reduces redundant development work