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M alaria. By: E lise Ayala P8 PYP Exhibition 2014. Personal Connection. I have never had to worry about malaria but now that I am moving to a place with high risk of malaria, it worries me General information

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M alaria


By: Elise Ayala

P8 PYP Exhibition 2014

Personal connection
Personal Connection

  • I have never had to worry about malaria but now that I am moving to a place with high risk of malaria, it worries me

  • General information

    • Malaria is transmitted by the bite of a female mosquito which has bitten someone else with malaria

    • Malarial mosquitoes like to come out at night in the warm, damp weather and in the morning when the sun is rising

    • Malaria is a disease that can cause death

    • 81% of children dying of malaria are under 5 years old

Local connection
Local Connection

  • Not many people know that there is malaria in Azerbaijan

  • In this region there are only six places that have malaria

    • Russian Federation, Rostav Oblast, Volgograd Oblast, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Iran


1990 - 22 cases

1994 – 667 cases

1995 - 2,840 cases

1996 - 13,135 cases

No cases in 2013

Global connection
Global Connection

  • Malaria is in 4 continents

  • North America, South America, Asia and Africa

  • Malaria is more likely to occur in Africa

  • Malaria seems to occur near the equator, both north and south

  • About 500 million people are affected by malaria and between 1 and 1.5 million people die from it every year worldwide


  • Malaria is a very big worry in Africa because a lot of people are affected

  • In Africa there are 53 countries and 41 of those countries have malaria

  • In Africa people may be poor and cannot afford to buy things they need for their health


  • How many countries in Africa have malaria out of 53?

  • What insect gives malaria?

  • How many places in our region have malaria?

  • How old are 81% of the children dying?

  • What kind of weather do mosquitoes like?

Life cycle of the mosquito
Life cycle of the mosquito

  • They only live for 2 weeks

  • They have to have water

  • They only need a small of water to be born

How to protect yourself
How to protect yourself

  • Use bed nets and bug repellent every day and night

  • Take malaria prevention pills

  • When you go outside wear long sleeves, long pants and closed shoes

  • Keep the air-conditioning on at all times

  • Keep windows and doors shut at all times

  • Dump, dry or drain all standing water


  • Treat every mosquito like it’s bad

  • Mosquitoes can carry lots of diseases like malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, etc.

  • Some mosquitoes do not carry any disease

  • Mosquitoes may not always be deadly but they sure are annoying

How i feel about malaria and why it is important to me
How I feel about malaria and why it is important to me

  • Malaria is important to me because of all the lives that it is ending

  • I will soon be moving to a place called Luanda, Angola which has malaria in it

  • To know that a child is dying every minute because of malaria makes me want to make a difference

  • Most of the children dying are under the age of 5

  • It is not fair that a 5 year old’slife is taken away just because of one mosquito bite


  • When do mosquitoes come out?

  • How many continents out of seven have malaria?

  • Name two of the continents?

  • Finish the sentence: Treat every mosquito…

  • What do you wear when mosquitoes come out?

  • Do mosquitoes carry other diseases?

Reference page
Reference page

  • Chevron- Malaria Awareness Program

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    • Author- Ministry Of Health Of The Republic Of Azerbaijan Baku

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