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AUTISM. Rosa Retiguin Cynthia Period 6. People with  autism  turns out to develop different parts of the  brain . This may explain why most persons with autism have an uncanny ability to recall and describe objects in detail. WHAT’S AUTISM ??.

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Rosa Retiguin


Period 6

People with autism turns out to develop different parts of the brain. This may explain why most persons with autism have an uncanny ability to recall and describe objects in detail.


  • A mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized

  • By a great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships,

  • in which fantasy dominates over reality

EXAMPLE: Sally and Anne are playing together, when Sally puts a piece of

candy in a box and then leaves the room. While Sally is gone, Anne opens

the box, removes the candy, and stashes it in her purse. When Sally comes

Back, where will she look for the candy?


  • social interaction and relationships

  • lack of interest in sharing enjoyment, achievements with other people

  • Verbal and nonverbal communication

  • difficulty understanding their listeners perspective

  • Limited interest in activities or play

  • stereotyped behaviors

  • Examples: body rocking, hand flapping and abnormal responses to sensations, etc.

  • SOME OTHER SYMPTOMS: sensory dysfunction, sleep disorders, self-abusive behavior and more. The only symptoms all people with autism do have in common across the spectrum are challenges, disabilities, or delays in the area of social communication.


no cure for this disorder,

Behavioral therapy and other therapeutic options:

based on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).,

Medication options: can help with some of symptoms

Educational and/or school-based options…


  • Albert Einstein

  • Emily Dickinson

  • Isaac Newton

  • theres 1 in 10 people with autism: more comon in boys than in girls

  • Lantz, Johanna. “Theory of Mind in Autism: Development, Implications, and Intervention”

  • http://www.





  • extraordinary--ability