6 th grade science
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6 th Grade Science PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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6 th Grade Science. When pollen is transported to a different flower ___________ occurs. Cross-pollination. The of trait that appears in the hybrid generation is the _____________trait. Dominant.

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6 th Grade Science

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6th Grade Science

  • When pollen is transported to a different flower ___________ occurs.


  • The of trait that appears in the hybrid generation is the _____________trait.


  • A self pollinated organism that shows the same form of a trait in all its offspring for several generations of self-pollination is said to be____________.


What are inherited traits?

  • Characteristics that are passed from parents to offspring.

  • The passing of inherited traits from one generation to the next is called___________.


  • Humans do not inherit traits, they inherit ___________for traits.

  • A capital letter stands for the ________________ factors.



  • Parents pass inherited traits to their offspring during_______________.


What is a recessive trait?

  • A recessive trait is the form of a trait hidden or masked in the hybrid generation.

  • Genes that a carried only on the x chromosome are called_________________.

Sex-linked genes

  • What are examples of dominate traits? List three of them

  • Hitchiker’s thumb

  • Tongue roll

  • Dark skin

  • Widow’s peak

  • Chin dimple

  • Freckles

  • Free ear lobes

List 3 genetic disorders

  • Name the 4 bloodtypes.

  • A, b, ab, and O

  • ___________________is the process in which scientists can take the genes of one organism and attach them to another.


What is a clone?

  • A living thing that receives all its DNA from just one parent.

  • ________________is the process of crossing plants and animals to produce offspring with certain desirable traits.

Selective Breeding

  • ___________________ is a way of changing the DNA sequence that makes up a gene so that the gene will produce a particular trait.

Genetic Engineering

  • Who is known for cross breeding plants and coming up with over 300 uses for peanuts.

George Washington Carver

  • List some results from Luther Burbank’s cross breeding work with plant.

  • Bigger, white potato

  • Spineless cactus

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