Modern-Day Slavery
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Modern-Day Slavery. Lindsey Ludger Penn State Hazleton CAS 100 A October 12, 2009. Did you know?. Overview. Slavery of our time Reasons why people are trafficked

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Modern-Day Slavery

Lindsey Ludger

Penn State Hazleton CAS 100 A October 12, 2009


  • Slavery of our time

  • Reasons why people are trafficked

  • Trafficking in the United States


Slavery of our time
Slavery of our time

  • Similar to traditional slavery

  • Definition: The recruitment, harboring, transporting, provision or obtaining of a person for the purpose of exploitation or labor.

  • Involvesforce, fraud, or coercion. Victims are often kidnapped, sold, threatened, beaten, raped, tortured or drugged.

  • “White Slave Traffic”

Reasons for trafficking 2 most common reasons why people traffic are
Reasons for Trafficking2 most common reasons why people traffic are…

  • Sexual Exploitation

  • Labor and Profit

Sexual exploitation
Sexual exploitation

  • Victims are often lured, kidnapped, or forced into the slave trade. They can be coerced by lover boys, forced marriages, babysitting jobs, etc.

  • Market Demand: The demand for sex has increased due to pornography, propaganda, etc, but especially from male sex buyers. This creates profit incentive to entrap more victims.

  • According to the UNODC (United Nations office of Drugs and Crimes, women are the most frequent victims, followed by girls, boys, then men.

Labor and profit
Labor and Profit

  • Profit and Economicpromise: greatest underlying cause for why they are trafficked.

  • Deceive and manipulate families into letting their children go.

  • Forced into indenturedservitude/debt bondage.

  • Employers use forced labor knowingly and unknowingly to maximize profits.

Trafficking in the united states
Trafficking in the United States

  • One of the Largest destination countries, approximately 56%, used for sex trade.

  • Among the highest of reported cases according to the UNODC.

  • Those exploited for labor are often found in sweat shops, or homes (approx. 170,000)

  • Other victims: some born and raised in the U.S. find themselves pressed into servitude by fraudulent or deceptive means.

  • Some drugged, and lured into prostitution.

Efforts to reduce trafficking
Efforts to reduce trafficking…

  • U.S. Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000.

  • Protect act 2003

  • “t Visa”

  • 33 States now have anti-trafficking laws, and prostitution is illegal in every state except Nevada.

  • Sept. 2008, New York passed the countries first law recognizing prostituted minors as victims.


  • Human trafficking is modern-day slavery

  • The 2 most common reasons why people are trafficked are for sexual exploitation and labor and profit.

  • Human trafficking occurs in the United States more often than people think.

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