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n. BRIEF STATUS OF MICE. m. p. MICE. The International M uon I onization C ooling E xperiment. Overview. MICE collaboration meeting 7-10 october Overall good progress of the experiment... but many lose ends!

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The International Muon Ionization Cooling Experiment


  • MICE collaboration meeting 7-10 october

  • Overall good progress of the experiment... but many lose ends!

  • -- Priority #1 is to ensure that full beam line is ready for step I data taking at the end of the Christmas shutdown (20 January)

  • -- A cosmic test will be organized in bldg. R8 in November-December with a good fraction of detectors (DAQ, Tracker, CKOV, TOF0 and TOF1, KL)

    • -- shakedown of the detectors and practice of DAQ

    • -- avoids work pileup in February 2008

    • -- some delays appear in TOF and KL (delay to mid december)

    • -- preparations well underway

  • -- Much progress has been accomplished in the MICE beam line and Hall construction

  • Main technical uncertainties concern the target, and the PSI solenoid

  • -- target: + authorization given (using diamond like bearings) to install

  • -- PSI solenoid: MLI insulation and heat leaks still a worry

  • -- now preparing to man experiment in 2008:

  • Mice Operation Managers (MOM) and shifters. Run plan being prepared.

  • first MOMs: A.B (Nov 15-Dec15) K.Long (Dec 16-Jan15) M.Zisman (Jan 16-Feb 17)

MICE Schedule as of October 2007


January 2008



April 2008


STEP III July 2008



Delivery of 1st FC

~May 2009


>summer 2009


end 2009

(-- 2010)


-- upstream beam aligned to old target position ==> off 22 mm (being fixed)

-- target: rates vs ISIS irradiation (loss monitors) still an issue

-- PSI solenoid repair – still struggling with MLI, heat leakes etc..

-- Q7-9 refurbishment 'just-just in time'

-- TOF0/TOF1/KL construction slowed down by admin at INFN (1 Mo delay)

-- Step III spool piece to be designed for absorbers

TOF2 shielding still under discussion

-- Step IV: procurement of absorbers is an issue (Japan funding!)

-- Support for collaborators at RAL needs to be sorted out

(Bulgaria & Italy in particular)


-- Beam line review 16 November: have we got all monitoring/tuning knobs?

-- DAQ review mid-january

-- Phase II review early january

-- Diffuser review: ongoing, report in preparation


-- need to update documentation (M Technical Reference Document)

-- DAQ manual and detector operation manuals

Cosmic ray integration test
Cosmic-ray integration test:

Will start 12Nov07:

Will include:

CKov, Tracker, ToF,

KL (pre-sampler)

Spectrometer Solenoid (LBNL)

--First magnet under assembly; expect complete by December07

-- magnetic measurements

at FNAL January-February08

Arrive RAL in March08

Begin step II in April-May08



Nearly completed cold mass for first spectrometer solenoid magnet

Common fund

-- Mice common fundproposal was approved at the collaboration board

.. £3000 per Ph. D holder

.. first installment due October 1, 2007

this is likely to represent a contribution of order 150-200k£ per year

.. MICE PM to set up account and to establish invoices to institute leaders (ongoing)

ISIS beam delivery is acknowledged to be a welcome contribution of the host lab

The muon beam line electricity will be a major source of the expenses and MICE would like to request that this be covered by the host lab

Access to MICE by collaborators from abroad

It has become more and more evident that running MICE will require people on

the site at RAL for extended periods of running. O(6 mo/year)

This is beyond the scope of the MICE-UK project.

For EU partners there exists the possibility of Transnational Access support by EU

Such a proposal is being developed for the next "CARE" proposal (OMIA?)

In 2008 there will be no EU support yet.

For other collaborators bilateral collaboration agreements should be established.

Explicit request has been made in this direction by Chinese colleagues

est. need for 2008 was transmitted to N. McCubbin (100k£ of which 45k£ for

Bulgarian and Chinese)

issue of beam line electricity pending.


In spite of difficulties, MICE has been making considerable progress and things are speeding up!

Still on schedule to demonstrate ionization cooling by 2010

Funding is essentially complete for Phase I and II

(BUT: UK Phase II, Japan, SW)

Common Fund begins to be invoiced

Travel and subsistance of MICE collaborators at RAL is an issue.

Funding request to support subsistence at RAL of collaborators from EU is being prepared with framework of OMIA

MICE muon test facility represents a beautiful scientific investment!