Supporting the following conferences
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Supporting the following conferences

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Supporting the following conferences

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  • Supporting the following conferences

    • Fire Conference 2004 - Total fire safety concept, Hong Kong December 6-7, 2004, organized by Professor W.K. Chow, Director, Research Centre for Fire Engineering, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, President, Society of Fire Protection Engineers, Hong Kong Chapter

    • 2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on Risk Management and Safety, Hong Kong, 1-2 December 2005, organized by: The Hong Kong Association of Risk Management & Safety

    • 7th Asia-Oceania Symposium Fire Science & Technology, 20-22 September 2007, Hong Kong

Offered in collaboration with

  • Research Centre for Fire Engineering, Areas of Strength: Fire Safety Engineering

  • University of Science and Technology of China

  • China Public Security

  • Over 160 attended

  • 1½ day Conference

  • ½ day Open Forum

  • 1 day Education Symposium on Fire Engineering

2005 Asia-Pacific Conference on Risk Management and Safety

  • A compliment was sent to the organizer for inclusion in the proceedings.

International Symposium, 7th AOSFST

We just finished successfully!

We thank you for your support!

  • Some encouraging information:

    • 450 attendees, where 15 -HKFSD & 31-BDHK.

    • Participants over the world such as Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, India, France, US, Canada, UK, Russian, Australia, Netherland.

12. Engineering Approach : A Brief Introduction

  • Construction industry in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) is developing rapidly.

  • There are new design features such as atrium buildings which were built and found in large scale development projects including shopping centres.

  • Green/Sustainable Buildings with glass façade, super tall buildings are examples.

Many highrise buildings packed together

EastWeek, 4 August 2004, pp. 76-77

  • Fire safety features must be designed to the satisfaction of the local authorities as it is a key area to be considered seriously.

  • This topic has drawn public attention as a consequence to serious accidental fires occurred recently.

  • People started to aware of the hidden problem on fire safety and ask the question:

    Whether they are sufficiently protected while staying inside a building ?

Accidental fire

  • Solar heat cannot enter.

  • But in an accidental fire, heat generated by the fire would be trapped inside and time to flashover would be shortened.

  • Very big fire would be resulted in burning almost all combustibles.

The Big Garley Building Fire


Bus Fire:

Burnt completely within 10 minutes

Arson fire : Quite high frequency of occurrence?

  • Bank Arson 1994

  • Karaoke 1998

Arson fire – MTR train vehicle

EastWeek, 4 August 2004

MoE Codes

MoA Codes

FSI Codes

FRC Codes

  • The prescriptive codes, basically on

  • may not be sufficient for providing fire safety in some buildings with special designs.

How can those codes apply to ultra highrise building?

Might be OK for these !

From Next Magazine, Taiwan, 10 July, 2003

508 m Taipei, Taiwan

Ultra Highrise Buildings / Super Tall Buildings

What to do?

New project

PBC design following MoE, MoA, FRC codes

FSI design following FSI code


to BD


to FSD

Design revised

Design revised




Approved ?

Approved ?






Opportunities for revision ?

Opportunities for revision ?

Evaluation by fire consultant





Considered by FSC, BD

Approved ?



Opportunities for revision ?

Design rejected

Design rejected


Proceed to construction



Proceed to installation

  • There is no engineering performance-based fire codes (EPBFC) yet.

  • The authorities (i.e. BD) accepted that “engineering approach” for passive fire safety design since 1998.

Figure 1: Process for approving fire safety designs

An Example: A shopping mall








Discussed in more details later in a Cross-fertilizing meeting of SFPE Chapters in Asia-Oceanic Region.

  • Long-throw sprinkler

    • No smoke reservoir

    • IR-detector

    • Water coverage

  • Atrium hot smoke test in site

    • 11 m smoke layer interface height

    • 2 MW design fire

137,000 m3 in volume

Exceeding 60 m Height

Fire safety provisions to comply with FSD/BD’s requirements

  • Long throw sprinklers

  • Infra red flame detectors

  • Smoke curtain

  • Fire shutters

  • Smoke extraction system/Auto open make up air windows

  • Aspirating smoke detection system (VESDA)

  • Fully addressable digital automatic fire alarm system

  • Fire rated structural elements

Sprinkler System

Open Type Sprinkler

Long Throw Sprinkler

Long throw sprinklers distributed in 24 zones

Arranged in parallel, 30o or 45o for each pair of long throw sprinklers

Mounted at 3 m height

Actuated by infra red flame detectors

Long Throw Sprinkler Design

Long Throw Sprinkler Head

Infra Red Flame Detector

Long Throw Sprinklers

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