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Network Infrastructure. IT Supporters Update – 26 June 2007. Contents. Network overview Server connectivity upgrade Wireless network changes Subnet changes DNS and DHCP infrastructure. Network overview. Two separate networks readingConnect (for halls of residence) Campus network

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Network infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

IT Supporters Update – 26 June 2007


  • Network overview

  • Server connectivity upgrade

  • Wireless network changes

  • Subnet changes

  • DNS and DHCP infrastructure

Network overview
Network overview

  • Two separate networks

    • readingConnect (for halls of residence)

    • Campus network

  • Both networks share common border area

  • Focus on campus network

    • Each building connected at a minimum of 1Gbit/s

    • Except for Bulmershe and halls of residence

      • New router to be installed at Bulmershe to make better use of existing switches and infrastructure

      • Halls of residence too far away for more than 100Mbit/s

Network overview1
Network overview

  • Border network forms connection between campus network, readingConnect and JANET

  • Two JANET connections

    • Each 1Gbit/s over long-range fibre

    • Diverse routes

    • Endpoints over 1.5Km apart

  • Fully resilient

  • Traffic split across both links during normal operation

    • Campus traffic one way

    • readingConnect traffic goes the other

Network overview2
Network overview

  • 10616 IP addresses in use by 8964 unique hosts

  • 1844 hosts registered but not seen on network since Feb

    • These will be removed at the end of July

    • A list will be distributed to IT Supporters at start of July

  • Monthly stats (2 hour average) show:

    • 92.81Mbit/s peak traffic flow from JANET to campus

    • Average flow of 27.17MBit/s inbound and 15.39MBits/ outbound

    • 95th percentile is 73.02Mbit/s

Server connectivity upgrade
Server connectivity upgrade

  • Introduction of 10Gbit Ethernet into the core

  • Two new (large) switches to be installed into ITS machine rooms

    • Each switch will have 10GBit/s to each core router (20Gbit/s)

    • Two switches connected to each other at 20Gbit/s

    • Each switch configured to connect up to 240 ports at 1Gbit/s

    • Switches configured as redundant pair for routing server VLANs

  • Two small switches will provide secondary connections

    • To be used by important systems only (Exchange, etc)

Guest wireless network changes
Guest / wireless network changes

  • Deployment of JANET Roaming / Eduroam

    • Web-based redirect no longer permitted to be advertised as eduroam name

    • New wireless network across campus to sit alongside existing service

      • SSID ‘eduroam’

      • Requires 802.1x and WPA / WPA2 encryption

      • Set up and forget – works everywhere that has Eduroam

Guest wireless network changes1
Guest / wireless network changes

  • Changes to existing ‘’ service

    • Will move outside firewall

      • But retain protection from Internet hosts

      • Same set of base services as for JANET Roaming

      • Additional resilience through second BlueSocket device

    • Web-based login will accept eduroam / JANET Roaming credentials

    • Proposed service changes Summer 2008:

      • Users will no longer be able to sign on with plain username

      • Native CIFS access will be turned off – shares still accessible through NetDrive service (WebDAV gateway)

Guest wireless network changes2
Guest / wireless network changes

  • New IP address ranges:

    • – for JANET Roaming service

    • – for plug-in and ‘’ service

  • Old address ranges to be removed by September 2007:

    • –

Subnet changes
Subnet changes

  • Psychology to complete move to .114 subnet

  • Soil and Plant Science to move to own subnets

  • Systems Engineering to vacate .4 and .56 subnets

  • Student subnets in Careers, Chaplaincy and RUSU to be separated

Dns dhcp infrastructure
DNS / DHCP infrastructure

  • Currently two central servers

    • Sun hardware

    • Open source software

    • A bunch of in-house scripts to generate DNS zones

    • More in-house scripts to generate DHCP configuration

    • Painful to manage

    • Relatively slow turn-around for IP address allocation

Dns dhcp infrastructure1
DNS / DHCP infrastructure

  • New Infoblox 1550 appliances (HA pair)

    • Take over as master DNS database

    • Replace Sun boxes for DHCP

    • GUI for managing IP address and hostname allocation

    • Should give faster turn-around on IP allocations

    • Possibility of delegation (at least read-only) to IT supporters

  • Expansion of DNS topology

    • Existing Sun boxes become dedicated DNS cache servers

    • Addition of DNS servers into DMZ for best practise

    • Possible additional IT Services managed DNS secondary server at off-site co-location facility