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Corssbell Population: 180,000 Yali Liang Period 2 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Corssbell Population: 180,000 Yali Liang Period 2. Early Lilac Street . Daisy Street. gas station. restaurant. Tulip Street.

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Population: 180,000

Yali Liang

Period 2

Early Lilac Street

Daisy Street

gas station


Tulip Street


Lotus Street


court house

Hyacinth Street

Cape Jasmine Street

hardware store

place of worship

Begonia Street


Orchid Street

Pomegranate Street

White Camellia Street

Apple Street

Location of crossbell
Location of Crossbell

Fortune Restaurant- A famous restaurant located at Daisy Street. You

can taste all different styles of food at here.

Sea shore gas station- Located at Tulip Street. The most lowest price

of gas .

Yali’s house- My house located at Hyacinth Street.

Phoenix High School- located at Cape Jasmine Street, the

best high school in Crossbell.

Court house of Crossbell- located at Lotus Street, the

supreme court of


International Bank of Crossbell- located at Begonia Street, the

most biggest bank in Crossbell

Genten Hardware Store- located at the intersection of

Hyacinth Street and Cape Jasmine

Street. The best selling store of


St. Louis Church- located at Orchid Street. Most people like to

come at Sunday.

Traffic lights- one located at the intersection of Cape Jasmine Street ,Lotus Street and Begonia Street , anther one located at the intersection of Early Lilac Street, Tulip Street and Orchid Street