Integrating skillsoft resources into sun life financial s learning program
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Integrating SkillSoft Resources into Sun Life Financial’s Learning Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Integrating SkillSoft Resources into Sun Life Financial’s Learning Program. Maryann Baird, Director, Employee Development Janet Holmes, Senior Consultant, Talent Development Leadership & Talent Development November 6, 2008. International financial services leader.

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Integrating skillsoft resources into sun life financial s learning program

Integrating SkillSoft Resources intoSun Life Financial’s Learning Program

  • Maryann Baird, Director, Employee Development

  • Janet Holmes, Senior Consultant, Talent Development

  • Leadership & Talent Development

  • November 6, 2008

  • International financial services leader
    International financial services leader

    Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth accumulation products and services to individuals and corporate customers.

    Chartered in 1865, Sun Life Financial and its partners today have operations in key markets worldwide, including Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, India, China and Bermuda.

    Sun Life Financial Inc. trades on the Toronto (TSX), New York (NYSE) and Philippine (PSE) stock exchanges under ticker symbol SLF.

    The world of Sun Life Financial

    The Sun Life Financial group of companies, including MFS Investment Management, has operations in 22 countries worldwide.

    United Kingdom









    United States






    Hong Kong



    Mexico City




    Sao Paulo

    Buenos Aires


    Sun Life Financial around the world

    MFS headquartered in the U.S.

    MFS investment and marketing / service offices

    External talent development trends

    Demographic shifts; need to attract, develop and retain next generation (Y and millennials)

    Skills shortage in key professional streams

    Employment markets changing in all geographies; varies by region

    Increasing requirement for more sophisticated global leaders

    External Talent Development Trends

    Key slf business challenges

    Defined investment dollars available to meet diverse development needs; usually it’s never as much as we hope for!

    Competing for senior leaders’ attention; there are always a number of business priorities on their plate

    Have an evolving competency model; different stage of implementation across the globe

    Key SLF Business Challenges

    • Have technology/firewall restrictions; although mitigates exposure to outside risks, it also means it limits our access to some application functionality

    • There are a limited choice of vendors to partner with who have a global mandate

    • Have an evolving HR structure; changes to the scope of learning governance and responsibility across the organization

    Leadership talent development centre of expertise
    Leadership & Talent Development development needs; usually it’s never as much as we hope for!Centre of Expertise

    Our Mission

    Our Team

    Build the capability (depth) and capacity (breadth) of the SLF workforce

    Talent Performance and Review Team


    Talent Development



    Our Mission

    Talent Planning and Measurement Team


    • Ready and able pool of talent to achieve current and future business goals

    • Enabled employees who actively manage their development and careers

    Our partnership with skillsoft

    For 10+ years we’ve chosen to partner with SkillSoft; development needs; usually it’s never as much as we hope for!

    Early focus – broad range of on-line courses for Canada

    Current focus – tighter alignment with competencies in Canada

    Future focus – expand to global audience and align with worldwide competencies (leadership & core)

    Over the years SkillSoft has offered;

    A quality, comprehensive library of on-line learning resources - courses & books

    On-line learning solutions in multiple languages – English, French, & others

    Access to quality people with experience and consultative expertise

    Access to new ideas through a network of ‘global’ clients

    Experience in dealing with technical issues on a global platform


    Our Partnership with SkillSoft?

    Integration points

    No explicit communications & marketing plan deployed to promote SkillSoft resources  instead our strategy is to tightly align the on-line content with key HR & business practices

    SkillSoft on-line courses support:

    Performance management – individual’s development planning for current role competencies

    Career management – individual’s development planning for future career opportunities

    Just-in-time access to development information & resources

    Integration into defined curriculum within business areas

    Integration Points

    Slf competency model

    Leadership promote SkillSoft resources Competencies



    Role-Specific Competencies

    SLF Competency Model

    Competency = Blend of skills, knowledge and behaviours necessary for effective job performance. Used for selection and development purposes.

    • Delivers Business Results

    • Thinks and Acts Strategically *

    • Generates Innovative Solutions

    • Drives for Action *

    • Engages People

    • Attracts, Develops and Retains Talent *

    • Leads Change *

    • Embraces Differences

    • Achieves Leadership Excellence

    • Manages Complexity *

    • Builds and Applies Self-insight

    Global Exposure & Experience

    • Understands the Business

    • Takes Accountability

    • Focuses on the Customer

    • Collaborates Effectively

    • Communicates Confidently

    * Priority leader competencies for development

    Examples of how skillsoft is integrated

    Leadership development portfolio promote SkillSoft resources

    Development Curriculum for Training Professionals

    Call Centre operations

    Examples of how SkillSoft is integrated…

    Our annual review process
    Our Annual Review Process promote SkillSoft resources



    Define Size of Library & Licenses

    Assess future competency needs based on business input

    Assess recent usage & User experience

    Assess new SkillSoft offerings against competency model

    • interview business Learning Practitioners across the organization

    • conduct preliminary review of course content

    • review SkillSoft reports

    • conduct Zoomerang surveys to gather feedback from users

    Prioritize topics & development requirements

    Make choices & build library based on gaps and opportunities

    Our successes learnings

    Key Successes promote SkillSoft resources

    Increasing use of SkillSoft courses

    Quickly consolidate the input data from various sources in order to prioritize course selection

    Early utilization of SkillSoft expertise and advice

    Leveraging technology for surveying users

    Key Learnings

    Make assessment process as simple as possible for our Learning Partners across the organization

    Co-ordinate new course offering roll-out to avoid collisions with internal technology upgrades

    Our Successes & Learnings

    Future challenges

    Worldwide users … promote SkillSoft resources

    Multiple languages

    Multiple time zones

    Technical system performance

    Budget & license utilization

    Impact measurement

    Future Challenges