The rewalk system
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The ReWalk ™ System PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The ReWalk ™ System. Jessica Havas 11/20/2012. Problem Being Solved. The ReWalk™ is a bionic system which allows people suffering from paralysis in their lower extremity to stand, walk, or climb stairs. Paraplegia-

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The ReWalk ™ System

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The rewalk system

The ReWalk™ System

Jessica Havas


Problem being solved

Problem Being Solved

  • The ReWalk™ is a bionic system which allows people suffering from paralysis in their lower extremity to stand, walk, or climb stairs.

  • Paraplegia-

    • The loss of motor or sensory function in the legs and sometimes the trunk.

    • Most cases are caused from spinal cord injury

      • Approximately 11,000 spinal cord injuries each year in the US involve paraplegia



6 Main Components:

  • Back pack- Contains a 28 volt lithium-ion battery, a back up battery, and an on board computer which contains a radio transmitter to communicate with the watch.

  • The watch-has buttons that allows the user to select whether they would like to sit, stand, ascend or descend stairs.

Components cont

Components (Cont.)

3) Motor tilt sensor- Worn in a pelvic brace on the left side of the body. It propels the body forward by detecting shifts in balance and body weight.

4) Motor pods- Support body weight.

5) Foot plates- Places under the shoes. Help bear the weight of the user and the device itself.

6) Crutches- Give the user balance as they lean forward.



  • Can give those who have been confined to a wheel chair a new sense of independence.

  • Provides a form of exercise that was not easily attainable from a wheel chair.



  • Height and weight restrictions

    • The user can not be more than 100kg (220 pounds) and must be 63-75” tall.

  • Doctor approval is necessary before using the ReWalk™ , and then training is mandatory (can be around 6 months).

    • Must have functioning hands, arms, and shoulders

    • Be in good cardiovascular health

    • Have a healthy skeletal system

  • Availability


    • ReWalk™ Rehabilitation is a model designed for the clinical rehabilitation

      • has been in use for several years in centers across Europe, Israel, and the United States.

    • There is also a personal model (ReWalk™ Personal)

      • Launched in 2012

      • Available throughout Europe. 

      • Awaiting FDA approval in US.

      • Cost around 85,000

      • Insurance coverage depends on the country.



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