Job search what you ll need
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JOB SEARCH: WHAT YOU’LL NEED. Resume Cover letter*/Letter of interest (*These may occasionally be “optional” but it’s to your advantage to do them.) Writing Sample (Teaching Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement, Autobiography) 3 letters of recommendation*(on letterhead if from a district)

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Job search what you ll need


  • Resume

  • Cover letter*/Letter of interest (*These may occasionally be “optional” but it’s to your advantage to do them.)

  • Writing Sample (Teaching Philosophy Statement, Vision Statement, Autobiography)

  • 3 letters of recommendation*(on letterhead if from a district)

  • Transcripts (unofficial/official)

  • DVD of sample lesson (maybe)



School district employers are generally

School district employers are generally…

  • In a hurry and reading resumes in less than a minute.

  • Looking for a specific set of skills, knowledge and experience.

  • Looking for someone who can get along with the existing team.

  • Using the resume only to determine who they want to interview (not necessarily hire).

  • In many cases, your resume is being read by a principal – not Human Resources (applicant pool vs. school specific job).

School district employers say the outstanding candidate

School district employers say the outstanding candidate...

  • Is passionate about knowledge, teaching and kids

  • Enthusiastic about teaching

  • Is compassionate toward kids

  • Believes all children can be successful

  • Actively involved with kids inside and outside the classroom

  • Is a lifelong learner

  • Is flexible

  • Is a team player

  • Values diversity and has experience working with a diverse students

In a resume school employers say they look for

In a resume, school employers say they look for…

  • Relevant experience

  • Community/Volunteer Work

  • Variety of experiences

  • Experience working with students from diverse backgrounds.

  • Experience with students with special needs

  • Knowledge of state standards

Organizing your resume

Organizing Your Resume

  • Place most relevant information in top 1/2 of

    page: education, licensure and endorsements, and teaching experience

  • Cluster teaching and teaching related experience (place other experience in a separate category)

  • Select only the most relevant of your prior experience if not directly related to teaching (but account for gaps, if possible.)

  • Use a “Summary of Qualifications” category to highlight specific related qualifications.

Resume layout and appearance

Resume Layout and Appearance

  • Most resumes should be one page (can be front and back)

  • Resumes should be visually appealing

  • Leave plenty of white space

  • Font: attractive, consistent, 10-11 for body, 12 for heading

  • Strive for 1” margins (may go down to .7 on top, bottom and left, .5 on right)

  • Use bold for highlighting (avoid overemphasis of bold+underlining+italics)

  • Remember many administrators and HR staff will be reading your resume online!

Resume layout and appearance1

Resume Layout and Appearance

  • Highlight using bullets (not asterisks).

  • Align dates on the right.

  • Must be error free (have 2-3 people check it for typos after you spell-check it).

  • Use a combined chronological/functional resume format to best highlight how your background matches the position.

  • For print resumes, use black ink and a quality printer. (Many will be submitted electronically and viewed online.)

  • Use heavy paper in a neutral color.

Resume content

Resume Content

  • Customize resume to job – read job description thoroughly and use verbs and buzz words from advertisement.

  • Incorporate your knowledge of district initiatives and programs.

  • Use action verbs in appropriate tense. (no personal pronouns).

  • Be sure to include both teaching and nonteaching experience.

  • Include extracurricular interests and activities that might be of interest to a school principal

Resume content1

Resume Content

  • Focus on results and accomplishments - quantify your accomplishments where possible (it’s not always possible)

  • Describe your experience: class size, hours per day, # of months, make-up of student body



  • Put an email address that you check regularly (make sure it is professional).

  • Include both home and cell phones (expect a call at any time.)

  • Include dates you expect to complete your GTEP/MA degrees

  • Include dates you expect to receive your license and any endorsements

  • Include scholarships and honors

Possible categories





Teaching Experience

Additional Experience


Community Service


Computer Skills


Professional Memberships


Related Projects

Professional Training

Possible Categories

Don t mention


Marital status






Political affiliation

Sexual orientation

No photos

Don’t mention…

Your efootprint

Your efootprint…

  • Make sure that you don’t have any electronic images or communications that you wouldn’t want your mother, father, grandfather, son, daughter, priest, rabbi, minister to see or read…anywhere!

  • Make sure your voicemail is appropriate, too.

Employer s top pet peeves

Employer’s Top Pet Peeves

  • Resume and Cover letter:

    • Spelling errors, typos and poor grammar

    • Inaccurate dates or no dates at all

    • Inaccurate or missing contact information

    • Not organized well

    • Fonts that are too small

    • Long resumes

    • Long paragraphs (“I simply don’t have time to read them.”)

  • Job Search:

    • Unqualified candidates (only apply for jobs you are genuinely qualified for)

    • Unsolicited applications

    • Not following directions

Cover letters letters of interest letters of intent

Cover letters, letters of interest, letters of intent

Cover letter letter of interest

Cover Letter/Letter of Interest

  • How and where you found the position

  • Why you are interested in that school or district (review website thoroughly)

  • Describe the fit between your background (skills, knowledge, experience, goals, philosophy) and that school/district/student population

Cover letters

Cover letters

  • Express enthusiasm,passion for teaching and learning

  • Mention interest in relevant extracurricular assignments

  • Standard business letter format

  • Must be absolutely error free!

Writing sample

Writing Sample

  • Should demonstrate your philosophy of teaching and learning and include a description of how you teach

  • Should provide justification for your choice of teaching methods

  • Demonstrates that you are reflective and purposeful about your teaching

  • Can communicate your goals as an instructor and your corresponding actions in the classroom

    • Must demonstrate mastery of spelling, grammar and organization.



  • Principals, cooperating teachers, faculty

  • On district/university letterhead

  • Should have observed you teach

  • Should describe your strengths as an educator

  • Can be uploaded into EdZapp

Educator job search

Educator Job Search:

  • Teach Oregon (EdZapp)

  • District websites (check once a week)


  • Student teaching site

  • Teacher job fairs

  • PSU Career Center CareerConnect jobs database

  • PSU Career Center website “Job Search Resources for Educators”

  • National databases

  • State departments of education

Educator job search networking

Educator Job Search:Networking

  • Talk to cooperating teacher, principal, school secretary…

  • Talk to classmates, family, friends, faculty

  • Join professional associations; talk to members

  • Proactively identify and contact principals of schools where you’d like to teach (caution!)

  • Do informational interviews with teachers, principals, etc.

  • Tell everyone you know that you’re looking for a teaching job (you need to know what you’re looking for)

Educator job fairs 2010

Educator Job Fairs 2010

PSU Graduate School of Education Job Fair

Tues., May 11, 2010, 10-3, SMSU Ballroom

Oregon Professional Educator Fair (

Tuesday and Wednesday, April 6, 7, 2010 (Note:  April 7 is for pre-arranged interviews only.) Tuesday: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Washington Educator Career Fairs,

Spokane Convention Center, March 16, 9-2

Tacoma Dome, Tacoma, April 15, 9-3

Advice from the experts what to do to stay competitive

Advice from the experts: What to do to stay competitive

  • Stay involved with education and kids

  • Get on sub lists: district and ESD (helps to develop relationships with administrators and teachers)

  • Get hired as an educational or instructional assistant

  • Apply to districts that are a little farther out

  • Get endorsements that you’re interested in teaching

  • Continue to gain life and work experience that will make you a better teacher

Career center website job search resources for educators


Psu career center

PSU Career Center

  • 402 USB

  • 8-5 M-F

  • Drop Ins 10-11 and 1-2 every day

  • For appointments: 503-725-4613


  • Resume critiques, interview training, job search strategies, job postings


Table of Contents


Statement of Philosophy

Lesson Plans

Photographs of classes

Materials from lessons you have taught

Student Evaluations

Reflections, quotations, poetry


List of references

Letters of recommendation

Official documents



Praxis scores


At the job fairs

At the job fairs…

  • Expect lots of people

  • Dress professionally

  • Review list of districts ahead of time

  • Bring multiple copies of your resume and have resumes ready for distribution

  • Be ready for possible on-site interviews

  • Know what you’re looking for (position, age & type of student), why you’re interested in that school or district and what your strengths are

  • Be able to articulate your fit for the position/school/district in 10 seconds!

    • Send thank you notes to district representatives

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