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Benefits of Himalayan Chews Made from Yak Milk

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Benefits of Himalayan Chews Made from Yak Milk - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of Himalayan Chews made from Yak Milk are innumerable as the Himalayan yak milk is rich in various vitamins and minerals and necessary proteins. \n\n

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Dogsee Chew dental bars help keep your dog’s gums and teeth healthy by avoiding plaque and tartar build-up.


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Dogsee Chew Calcium Puffies contains 2152 mg calcium per 100 gm which helps in strengthening bones and teeth.


Calcium Puffy Bars -

  • As they are high on calcium content, these puffy bars help in development and strengthening of bones and muscles.
  • They can help keep osteoporosis at bay for your dogs.
  • Taking calcium supplements can increase the risk of kidney and heart malfunction, but these treats are made of naturally occurring calcium.

Dogsee Chew

sources its products from the Himalayan range.

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