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The location of the ball (armswing) in relation to each step in the bowler’s delivery. Timing. Early Start = Early Finish Late Start = Late Finish. Timing. The 4 Step Stroker Approach is the benchmark used for referencing and identifying timing.

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The location of the ball (armswing) in relation to each step in the bowler’s delivery.


Early Start = Early Finish

Late Start = Late Finish



The 4 Step Stroker Approach is the benchmark used for referencing and identifying timing

For purposes of this “Timing” presentation

All timing is referenced against the 4 step Stroker approach.

Stroker timing

Stroker Timing



Ball Start has completed : first step is completed





Athletic Pose – ball and foot have not moved

Stroker timing1

Stroker Timing




  • The ball comes down by the ball side leg at the conclusion of the second step

  • In this position ball has a great opportunity to reach the height of the backswing by the end of the third step.

  • The ball should have reached the height of the back swing ready to start it’s downswing on the fourth step



Regardless of the number of steps used to deliver the ball

The numeric representation for ball and foot arriving together at foul line would be:

4 : 4

  • 5step delivery you would omit initial first step and count the last 4 steps.

  • 6 steps delivery only use last 4 steps of approach

  • 3 step delivery – would use last 3 steps of Stroker approach


Types of Timing





  • “Perfect” timing only exists in textbooks!

  • We hear statements all the time related to a bowler having Good or Bad timing.

  • Today we want to match movement of bowler with their style and physical abilities to create “proper” timing for that bowler.

  • A common Misconception is to determine a bowler’s timing from their initial movement or the last step.

  • In the modern game we must pay attention to the relationship of the “ball to feet” throughout the entire approach and delivery



Early Timing

The position where the ball is ahead of the feet.

Early timing

Early Timing

2:1 Early Timing

Early timing1

Early Timing

3:2 Early Timing



Late Timing

The position where the ball is behind the feet

Late timing

Late Timing

1:2 Late Timing

Late timing1

Late Timing

2:3 Late Timing



The correlation between the armswing & tempo of the footwork is;

  • The feet will generally follow the armswing:

    • Slow Armswing

    • Fast Armswing

Armswing footwork

Armswing & Footwork

  • Increasing tempo by taking faster steps and expecting the armswing (with the ball) to keep up is not going to happen.

  • Relaxing the arm and allowing it to swing un-muscled and free will increase the speed of the armswing.

  • The body and the mind knows that the feet must keep up with the movement of the armswing (with the heavy object).

Before changing timing

Before Changing Timing

Determine if your non Stroker timing is a liability…this is very important.

Have a trained eye check to see how you finish at the foul line.

Will a change improve the overall delivery or take away a strength that comes to you naturally.

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