Technology and the next generation academic library
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Technology and the Next Generation Academic Library. Present and Emergent Digital Possibilities. Ray Uzwyshyn, Ph.D. MLIS Head, Digital and Learning Technologies University of West Florida Libraries. Why Does Technology Matter?. It’s where our users are

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Technology and the Next Generation Academic Library

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Technology and the next generation academic library

Technology and the Next Generation Academic Library

Present and Emergent Digital Possibilities

Ray Uzwyshyn, Ph.D. MLISHead, Digital and Learning TechnologiesUniversity of West Florida Libraries

Why does technology matter

Why Does Technology Matter?

  • It’s where our users are

  • Communications possibilities are evolving on the Web

  • Technology enables new opportunities for servicing patrons’ needs.

Information evolution

Information Evolution

Changes occurring in the way patrons consume information/ emphasis on interaction

Changes occurring in millennial Expectations

Changes occurring in Technology Possibilities



81% of 15-35 year olds regularly comment on weblogs

35% also post daily on blogs and social networking sites

Current library web 2 0 trends

Current Library Web 2.0 Trends

Site Architecture

Building on Solid Foundations 2.0Library WeblogSocial Networking ToolsPodcasting/Vodcasting

Library Web Presence

  • Elegance, Simplicity, Usability

  • Attention to Visual Design

  • Visual Literacy/Metaphor

  • Usability/Marketing

Elegance simplicity usability

Elegance Simplicity Usability


Of ManyVoices

Make theComplexSimple

Information seeking retrieval

Information Seeking/Retrieval

Academic Research 15 years ago

Libraries used to purchase most of our research, academic journals and all books in print

This is no longer the Case

Search evolution

Search Evolution



Aggregation foregrounding of information services

Aggregation/Foregrounding of Information Services

Weblog(top right), Spry Search Aggregation (bottom left), Live Chat (bottom left)

Interactivity of information services

Interactivity of Information Services

From read-only to Interactive Pages

Information landscapes

Information Landscapes

Navigating bodies of knowledge to enable relationships, augment intelligence, create new knowledge.

200 B.C




Katalogos/Scroll/Stroll Metaphor

Online digital resource evolution

Online Digital Resource Evolution


Rich Media Integration Video, Audio, Interactivity, 3D


Ideal Digital Resource GoalsRobust Academic StructureHigh Degree of Media Expressivity/Integration




Traditional Online Academic Digital LibrariesText Heavy/ Database Search/Silo with Metadata




Increasing Academic Depth Structure

Library technology pragmatic future trajectories

Library Technology Pragmatic Future Trajectories

  • New Media

    Library Digital Video Library 2nd Life (Virtual Worlds)Possibilities

  • Social NetworkingLibrary Myspace and FacebookOnline Learning Synergies(Eluminate/Camtasia etc.)

Larger University Wide Library Collaborations

2004 http balseros miami edu


Evolution of Digital Collections

SpecificityPhysical Environment,

Academic Expertise

Digital Collections Purpose

Technology and the next generation academic library

How Do you Best Navigate Information?

  • Unique Challenge posed by each specific digital collection

Multimedia and Visual Metaphor

Technology and the next generation academic library

Physical/Cognitive Cartographies

Zoomable Interface (1800 Mg Map) Front End Digital Video/Document/Image Library Application of Geographic Possibilities (Lat/Long)/Mobile

3d typographic fly through or 3d cognitive map

3D Typographic Fly Through or 3D Cognitive Map.

Previously Unseen Subject Relationships in Same Visual Space

Human computer interaction

Human Computer Interaction

All media types (text, audio, video, datasets, images) can be attached to Humanly understandable visual metaphors which link to backend databases, objects & metadata

Digital collections can use various media types audio video

Digital Collections Can Use Various Media Types (Audio/Video)

Or Combinations of Media Types

New way to navigate and share library information content

New Way to Navigate and Share Library Information Content

Technology and the next generation academic library

Easily Published Representations of What’s Important and New at the Libraries

Creating Larger University Communities and Conversations1 Editor/2 Week Period: Open to Wider Community

What are our patrons thinking

What are our patrons thinking?

Information sharing evaluation connection

Information sharing, evaluation, connection

75% of internet users 15-35 regularly rate persons, organizations, or organizational services online

Potential of Feedback Loops

Technology and the next generation academic library

Opening Digital Libraries

From Information Bunker to Organic Archive

Open comments new library roles

Open Comments: New Library Roles

Archivist/Patron/Creating History

Technology and the next generation academic library

User Authored Archives: Archives Become Organic

Human computation organic archives

Human Computation/Organic Archives

Digitization Challenges and Opportunities: Cloud Digitization

New genres of digital collections library services

New Genres of Digital Collections & Library Services

  • AnthuriumScholarly E-Journal of Caribbean Studies

  • Is this a digital collection or online refereed journal?

Creating Authorities/Scholarly Communications

Branding and marketing library collections the university s intellectual riches reach

Branding and Marketing Library Collections the University’s Intellectual Riches/Reach

Hybrid Digital/Paper Collections

New open source affordances

New Open Source Affordances

Taking Advantage of Current Possibilities

Opening physical collections globally online

Opening Physical Collections Globally Online

Finding Aids

ArchonProduces Version of XML called EAD (Encoded Archival Description) Searchable GloballyAble to Go Down to Digital Object Level

Contextualization of collections

Contextualization of Collections

What is the story?

Wider Library Academic Partnerships Narrative Creativity/Information Architecture

Learning commons digital literacy studio multimedia lab

Learning CommonsDigital Literacy Studio/Multimedia Lab

New Library Service Possibilities

Web Page Creation CapacityDigital Audio/Video CapacityPodcastingScanning AssistanceCD/DVD CreationDocument Processing (OCR)3D Possibilities

Digital Library & Digital Library Fellows Programs

Digital Literacy

From book warehouse to learning commons

From Book Warehouse to Learning Commons

  • New Library Definitions

    Interdisciplinarity Multimedia/Digital Literacy Services

    Specialized Software and Hardware Expansion

    Technologically Enabled Learning Spaces

    Collaboration Between Campus Divisionsand Library (Writing Center, Faculty Teaching Centre, Academic Technology and University IT)Broadband Visualization Possibilities

New Physical Services

Experimentation and pragmatic realization

Experimentation and Pragmatic Realization

Online Research Notebook

Information VisualizationVisual Learning SpacesMultimedia Information SystemsNew Digital Collection Possibilities

Intelligent Application of Wider Technological Possibility1998 – 2008

The real, the possible, the imagined

Educating and enabling university library faculty awareness

Educating and Enabling University & Library Faculty Awareness

Technology and the next generation academic library

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