The new deal
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The New Deal. FDR offers relief and recovery. Hoover Believed that depression relief should come from state and local governments and private agencies. Roosevelt Believed that the depression required strong action and leadership by the federal government. Hoover vs. Roosevelt.

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The new deal

The New Deal

FDR offers relief and recovery

Hoover vs roosevelt


Believed that depression relief should come from state and local governments and private agencies.


Believed that the depression required strong action and leadership by the federal government.

Hoover vs. Roosevelt

This campaign is more than a contest between two men…It’s a contest between two philosophies of government.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) won the 1932 Presidential election.

  • In his inauguration speech, FDR stated that, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Inauguration of FDR, March 4, 1933

Saving the Banks as the

Bank run, New York City, 1931

  • Congress then passed the as the Emergency Banking Relief Act, which only allowed banks to open if they had enough funds to pay their depositors.

FDR signing the Emergency Banking Relief Act into law.

Fireside Chats as the

  • FDR gave 30 radio speeches to the nation, which became known as fireside chats.

FDR’s first fireside chat on the bank crisis. (March 12, 1933)

  • FDR’s as the first fireside chat reassured people that banks were safe to use again.

The New Deal as the

  • FDR developed many new bills that created programs to help end the Great Depression.

  • These programs were known as the New Deal.

II. as the plans for economic Recovery

I.Relief for the unemployed

The New Deal had three major goals:

Concluding Videos: 1) FDR (3:26) 2) First New Deal: First Hundred Days (5:26)

III. Reforms to prevent another depression

The first 100 days
The First 100 days as the

  • During his first 100 days if office Roosevelt proposed and Congress passed 15 bills.

  • 100-day standard for gauging presidential effectiveness. The underlying truth is that presidents tend to be most effective when they first take office, when their leadership style seems fresh and new, when the aura of victory is still powerful, and when their impact on Congress is usually at its height.

1 st new deal government work projects
1 as the st New Deal Government work projects

  • Civilian Conservation Corp (CCC)= “environmental” jobs for 2 million young, unmarried men

  • Public Works Administration (PWA)=building bridges, dams, power plants, and governmental buildings, etc.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) as the

New Deal program #1

Building Big Ridge Dam (TN)

Lights for the Barnyard (TN)

New Deal program #2 as the

Works Progress Administration (WPA)

Workers covering the stream in Cain Park, Cleveland Park, OH

Edward Laning and assistants at work on his mural “The Role of the Immigrant in the Industrial Development of America” – New York, NY

Rural Electrification Administration (REA) as the

New Deal program #3

Linemen on utility poles.

New Deal program #4 as the

Public Works Administration (PWA)

Hollywood High School, Los Angeles, CA

New York City’s Tri-Borough Bridge

New Deal program #5 as the

Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC)

Worker During Bridge Construction

Staatsburg, NY

Elm Tree

Camp Euclid, OHSeptember, 1936

New Deal program #6 as the

Children Cared for by Visiting Housekeeper in Oklahoma (1935)

Federal Emergency Relief Administration (FERA)

View From Summer Camp for Underprivileged Children, Washington (1935)

New Deal program #7 as the

Poster from Georgia

Social Security Administration (SSA)

National industrial recovery act
National Industrial Recovery Act as the

  • Roosevelt called it the most important legislation ever enacted.

  • Created the National Recovery Administration

  • Established governmental rules or codes for entire industries to be governed by; including minimum wage, minimum prices for goods. Goal: raise wages and raise profits

New Deal program #8 as the

National Recovery Administration (NRA)

Help for farmers and bank depositors
Help for farmers and bank depositors as the

  • Agricultural Adjustment Act= payments to farmers to stop producing; created a new tax to pay for these payments

  • Federal Deposit Insurance Corporations= government insurance guaranteeing bank deposits are safe.

New Deal program #9 as the

Agricultural Adjustment Administration (AAA)

Farmers receiving checks St. Augstine, Texas (1939)

New Deal program #10 as the

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC)

Ms. Lydia Lobsiger, the first person to be paid for deposits in an insured closed bank.