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The New Deal. A New President. Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933. He immediately began trying to get out of the Great Depression . He started many new programs. They were called the New Deal . . The New Deal. The New Deal came from one of Roosevelt’s speeches.

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A new president
A New President

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt became president in 1933.

  • He immediately began trying to get out of the Great Depression.

  • He started many new programs. They were called the New Deal.

The new deal1
The New Deal

  • The New Deal came from one of Roosevelt’s speeches.

    • “I pledge to you, I pledge myself, to a new deal for the American people.”

      Many programs began running less than 100 days after he entered office.

The 3 rs
The “3 Rs”

  • His New Deal focused on 3 things:

    • Relief, Recovery, and Reform

    • Relief: Feed and House America’s poorest people

      • Helped people right away

      • Gave $500 million to feed and house the poorest people


  • Civilian Conservation Corps

    • Gave jobs to young men

    • Worked on national parks and projects around the U.S

    • Men had to send money home

The 3 rs1
The “3 Rs”

  • The 3 Rs

    • Recovery:

      • Started programs to help recover the economy

      • Designed to recover businesses so they would make money

      • Many programs helped farmers

      • CCC

      • WPA: Works Progress Administration

The 3 rs2
The “3 Rs”

  • The 3 Rs

    • Reform

      • Tried to make sure that conditions that caused the Great Depression never happened again

Important programs
Important Programs

  • FDIC: Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

    • Government insured the money put in the bank

  • Social Security

    • Unemployed could get money

    • Disabled could get money

    • Elderly could get money

Important programs1
Important Programs

  • SEC: Securities and Exchange Commission

    • Regulated trading on Wall Street (stock market)

    • Limited “out-of-control” investing

No change
No Change

  • Social Security did not help everyone (farmers, domestic workers)

  • Businesses were still in trouble.

  • Despite all of Franklin D Roosevelt’s work, the Depression remained.

  • In 1939 there were still 10 million unemployed workers.

  • Roosevelt said, “I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished.”


  • Think back to Herbert Hoover….he did not want the government to become involved.

  • Franklin D. Roosevelt- the government became larger and more powerful.

The first lady
The First Lady

  • Many people worked to help the poor

    • Eleanor Roosevelt traveled across the country to make sure programs were working

    • Franklin D. Roosevelt had polio and was crippled

    • She was very concerned about the lives of women, children, and African Americans.

Eleanor s travels
Eleanor’s travels

  • She said, “These trips gave me a wonderful opportunity to visit all kinds of places and to see and get to know a good cross section of people. Always during my free time I visited as many government projects as possible, often managing to arrive without advance notice, so that they could not be polished up for my inspection.”

Dorothea lange
Dorothea Lange

  • Dorothea Lange was a photographer who took pictures of the Great Depression.

    • People standing in bread lines

    • Farm families in the dust bowl

    • She was hired by the FSA to take pictures to show how families were affected.

    • The conditions of the poor were brought out for Americans to see

Forgetting your troubles
Forgetting Your Troubles

  • People wanted to forget their troubles

  • Comic books came out- Superman and Batman

  • Families played Monopoly(could buy and sell land)

  • People went to the movies


  • The drive-in theatre was created

  • Movies with music, dancing, and beautiful costumes were popular

  • People enjoyed King Kong

  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was popular

More entertainment
More Entertainment

  • Many people visited the World’s Fair and saw it as a symbol of hope.

    • 1933- Chicago

    • 1939- Queens, NY

      • Theme was “Building the World of Tomorrow”

      • People got a first look at the future television

Global depression
Global Depression

  • The Depression began in the US

    • It spread around the world

    • Millions around the world were unemployed

    • Germany was trying to repay countries from WWI

    • Inflation (a rapid rise in prices) occurred and German money became worthless