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Commutative property property commutative
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Commutative = Property Property = Commutative. PROCESS. Dependent. Independent. * Equation is Algebraic Pattern. INDEPENDENT VARIABLE. DEPENDENT VARIABLE. Domain is reasonable data for the independent variable Range is reasonable data for the dependent variable. Four Types of Lines.

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Commutative = Property Property = Commutative

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Commutative property property commutative

Commutative = Property Property = Commutative

Commutative property property commutative




* Equation is Algebraic Pattern

Independent variable



Commutative property property commutative

Domain is reasonable data for the independent variableRange is reasonable data for the dependent variable

Four types of lines

Four Types of Lines




Commutative property property commutative

Quadratic/ Parabola/ u-shaped

y = x squared

y= x2

F x y function notation functions for every input x there can only be one output y

F(X) = y “Function Notation”Functions for every input (x) there can only be one output(y)

Commutative property property commutative

y-intercept (0,b)



Slope slant of the line m rise over run y over x mountain steepness of a line

Slope slant of the linemrise over run y over xmountainsteepness of a line

Triangle means change

Parallel line same slope

Parallel Line Same Slope

m = 3

m = 3

Perpendicular line opposite reciprocal slopes

Perpendicular LineOpposite/Reciprocal Slopes

m = 2

m = - 1/2

Commutative property property commutative

Methods for Graphing

Linear Equations

  • Create a Table

  • Use x and y intercepts

  • Slope intercept form

    y=mx + b

Commutative property property commutative

Slope Intercept Form

y=mx + b

y-dependent variable



x-independent variable

Standard form ax by c a b slope c is a constant

Standard Form Ax +By = C-A/B = slopeC is a constant

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