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Cost per hire

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Cost per hire l.jpg

Cost per hire

Gain complete recruitment function control

Improve recruitment performance

Optimize recruitment operations

Calculate cost per hire & invoke recruitment analytics

Enhance hiring process efficiency & recruitment business controls

Generate multi dimensional graphical reports

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Key Features –

  • Our company provides, online cost per hire calculation, HR Recruitment metrics, Quality of hire analysis, Recruitment effectiveness statistics, Hiring process controls and multi dimensional graphical reporting.

  • We would like to invite you to visit our Recruitment analytics website and share your thoughts and user experience as well. Cost per hire is exclusively specializing on Recruitment metrics & Cost per hire analytics. It covers everything from calculating Recruiting cost per hire online, HR Metrics, Recruitment analysis, Quality of hire analysis, Recruitment effectiveness statistics, Hiring process controls & Advanced reporting analytics solutions.

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Key Features –

  • Cost per hire is industry's first online solution on hiring cost calculation, Recruitment metrics and poised to become world number 1 in cost per hire metrics & Advanced reporting analytics solutions.

  • Cost per hire recruitment analytics analyzer engine computes multi dimensional recruitment process/business controls data, recruitment effectiveness analyzer, quality of hire metrics data and provides key result metrics for bench marking and hiring competitiveness.

  • The online solution comes with excellent calculation analytics, Numerical functions, multivariate statistical analytics and recruitment reporting dashboard that will help the Hiring professionals to take efficient and effective decisions.

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Key Features –

  • With robust reporting analytics, hiring executives will get a thorough insight into the entire cost per hire mechanics from micro to macro level components of recruitment with drill down reporting functions.

  • Our mission is to provide 100% customer satisfaction and best hiring cost metrics & reporting analytics solution in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

  • Our goal is to develop innovative products, value-added solutions, stay competitive and provide updated solutions to our customers keeping in mind the dynamic and rapidly changing business world.

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Key Features –

  • We at cost per hire are very delighted, eagerly looking forward to working with your organization and provide excellent value based services in the domain of online hiring cost metrics, Recruitment analytics, dashboard and comprehensive advanced Recruitment reporting analytics solutions.

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Key Features –

  • Cost per hire comprehensive Recruitment analytics, Hiring cost metrics reports are from next slide.

Report 1 cost per hire report l.jpg

Report – 1 – Cost per hire Report

Report 2 cost per hire report by expenses l.jpg

Report – 2 – Cost per hire Report by expenses

Report 3 budgeted cost variance report l.jpg

Report – 3 – Budgeted cost variance report

Report 4 budgeted hire variance report l.jpg

Report – 4 – Budgeted hire variance report

Report 5 hires by experience range report l.jpg

Report – 5 – Hires by experience range report

Report 6 hiring cost only report l.jpg

Report – 6 – Hiring cost only report

Report 7 hires only report l.jpg

Report – 7 – Hires only report

Report 8 recruitment processing cost report l.jpg

Report – 8 – Recruitment processing cost report

Report 9 offer analytics report l.jpg

Report – 9 – Offer analytics report

Report 10 new joinees report l.jpg

Report – 10 – New joinees report

Report 11 recruitment process business controls report l.jpg

Report – 11 – Recruitment process /Business controls Report

Report 12 recruitment effectiveness report l.jpg

Report – 12 – Recruitment Effectiveness Report

Report 13 quality of hire metrics report l.jpg

Report – 13 – Quality of hire metrics Report

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Key Features –

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