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2014 2015
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2014-2015. \. Platinum Cheer Stars is home to 11 Teams this season! 8 All Star teams (July-April) 3 Prep teams (Sept-April). PCS Staff. Owners Kelley Frakes Jenney Walters Coaches Brandi Atkins- 2007 (cheered 1 yr) Frankie Groux 2008 (cheered 1 yr)

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2014 2015



2014 2015

Platinum Cheer Stars is home to 11 Teams this season!

8 All Star teams (July-April)

3 Prep teams (Sept-April)

Pcs staff

PCS Staff


  • Kelley Frakes

  • Jenney Walters


  • Brandi Atkins- 2007 (cheered 1 yr)

  • Frankie Groux 2008 (cheered 1 yr)

  • Haley Bowers- 2008 (cheered 4 yrs)

  • Jonathan Farmer- 2009

  • Ben Wells- 2010

  • Jill Whittle- 2011

  • Brandi Smith- 2011

  • Emily Rutledge- 2012

  • Jeremy Colb- 2012

    Junior Coaches

  • Danielle Brooks- 2010 (cheering 5 yrs)

  • Ally Little- 2011(cheering 4 years)

All star vs prep

All Star vs Prep

  • All Star- 4 hrs practice plus optional tumble classes. Atleast 6 competitions. 2:30 min routine.

  • Prep-2 hours practice. Beginner level. 3 competitions. 2:00 min routine.

  • Will prep teams ever have higher level teams? (practice time/safety)

Team placements per usasf

Team placements (per USASF)

  • Age groups

    • Tiny, Mini, Youth, Junior, Senior

  • Levels

    • Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5

  • Most appropriate team.

  • Want the child to be a leader and productive member of the team.

2014 2015

Gold (G’Nugz)

Mini Level 1 All Star


Jill Whittle, Emily Rutledge & Danielle Brooks

2014 2015


Mini Level 2 All Star


Haley Bowers

2014 2015


Youth Level 1 All Star


Haley Bowers & Ben Wells

2014 2015


Junior Level 2 All Star


Brandi Smith & Haley Bowers

2014 2015


Junior Level 3 All Star


Ben Wells & Brandi Smith

2014 2015


Senior Level 1 All Star


Brandi Atkins & Jeremy Colb

2014 2015


Senior Level 4.2 All Star


Ben Wells, Jeremy Colb & Jonathan Farmer

2014 2015

Pink Ice

Senior Level 4 All Star


Ben Wells & Jeremy Colb

2014 2015

Prep Teams!

Tiny Sparkle

3 year olds

Tiny Glitz

5 and under

Mini Silver

6-8 year olds

Junior Emeralds

14 and under

14 15 pcs schedule the revised final updated version

14-15 PCS Schedule- the revised final updated version 

Birthday parties

Birthday Parties

  • $125- 2 hours

  • $50 Bounce house

  • PCS cheerleaders (unlimited guests)

  • We supply table cloth and paper products

Platinum cheer pricing

Platinum Cheer pricing:



  • Cash (give to any coach, they will write a receipt…does not HAVE to be me or Jenney)

  • Check (put in black box)

  • Card swipe at gym (Kelley, Jenney or Haley)

  • Send money through PayPal.


    *We will sit kids out of practice if payments are more than 1 month behind.

2014 2015

  • Tuition payments on time!

  • Uniform balance-Nov 15

Team moms

Team moms

  • Team fees- $30-$40

  • By Dec 1



It is your responsibility to make sure you are receiving information!

  • Text Jenney -(804) 720-1817 $$$

  • Email Kelley- kelleypcscheer@gmail.com or kfrakes@thecheerstars.com

    • Please add the gmail address to your “Contacts”. This will eliminate the possibility of it going into SPAM.

  • If you need to speak to a coach, please see them AFTER practice, or text/email.

Social media

Social Media

  • FB pages- Like us… Cheer Stars


  • Twitter- Follow us… @pcsallstars

  • Website- www.platinumcheerstars.com

Mum fundraiser

Mum Fundraiser

  • Becky-(804) 350-4226

  • 18in-24in diameter

  • $15 each, $5 goes into your child’s account to be used for merchandise or competition fees.

  • No personal checks (unless it’s yours)

  • Only 1 check per order (for total amount)

  • No cash please.

  • Turn in BY the 15th….pick up on the 20th.

Merchandise gym shirt 20

Merchandise- Gym Shirt $20

Pro shop items 20 40

Pro Shop Items! ($20-$40)

Custom nike sportswear

Custom Nike Sportswear

Purple bra $40

White bra




Other items team bows 15 sold out of diamonds

Other items: Team bows $15Sold out of Diamonds!

Fundraising money CAN be used for these items!

Glitter starz pro shop

Glitter Starz pro shop

  • Order dates are Oct 1-Oct 15.


    Fundraising money cannot be used for these orders.

    This is a reminder that all PCS merchandise must be sold through our gym. The use of our name and logo is strictly prohibited. Thank you!

Practice wear is required

Practice Wear Is Required!

- NO t-shirts. Black tank tops are allowed.

- Hair must be pulled up and away from face. Parents of younger children, PLEASE do this prior to practice. Coaches spend too much time locating hair bands and putting hair up.


-Cheerleaders will have consequences if wrong practice gear is worn. If you cannot locate the correct gear, a black tank top is ALWAYS acceptable.

- Wear anything you want to Tumble classes

2014 2015

Additional Requests

  • Guests/siblings- We LOVE friends and family….just not in the gym during practices. If your child has a sleepover, their friends cannot come to practice with them.

  • Entering gym- We LOVE parents, just not in the gym during practices.

  • Office- Our office space is VERY small and shared by 2 separate entities…..cheerleaders and parents, PLEASE do not enter the office, or use it as a walk-thru. We appreciate your consideration.

  • Attitude- is EVERYTHING! If parents are positive and believe in our coaches/program….children will as well. Be good role models.

  • Waiting room talk- Keep it positive…..No Debbie Downers please!

2014 2015

  • We always appreciate an explanation, however there are no excused and unexcused absences. (In my book, there are VERY few good reasons to miss practice)

  • An absence is an absence is an absence……..the effect on the team is the same.

  • If a child’s attendance becomes an issue, coaches reserve the right to make changes to the routine as needed.



Tumble classes being able to perform a skill and mastering a skill are two very different things

Tumble classes- Beingable to perform a skill and mastering a skill are two very different things.



2014 2015

  • Hair and Make-up

Bids will be awarded to the highest percentage of perfection team from levels 1 through 5

BIDS-will be awarded to the Highest Percentage of Perfection team from Levels 1 through 5.

  • Bids to US Finals

    • PAID BID

    • Raleigh and VA Beach Nationals

  • Bids to Finale

    • Raleigh and VA Beach Nationals

  • Bids to Summit



Athlete identification

Athlete Identification

  • All athletes (All Star and Prep) MUST have a Birth Certificate on file with the United States All Star Federation (USASF).

  • Please send me a .jpg file (picture taken with phone is great!)

  • I will take care of registering your child, and uploading the Birth Certificate.

Www usasf net allstar only

www.usasf.net (allstar only)

Username firstnamelastname list can be found on board in gym password pcsallstars

Username: Firstnamelastname (List can be found on board in gym)Password: pcsallstars

I am happy to do this for you if you prefer just add the 30 to your oct payment

I am happy to do this for you if you prefer! Just add the $30 to your Oct Payment

2014 2015

The end!

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