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Project plan
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Project Plan. The Development Plan The project plan is one of the first formal documents produced by the project team. It describes How the project will be developed How resources will be required How the resources will be used The timely provision of equipments and tools

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Project Plan

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Project plan

Project Plan

  • The Development Plan

    • The project plan is one of the first formal documents produced by the project team. It describes

      • How the project will be developed

      • How resources will be required

      • How the resources will be used

      • The timely provision of equipments and tools

      • Provision of contingency plan in the event that project risks materialize

      • Task designations

Software project development plan

Software Project Development Plan

  • Software development project plan

  • Other standards includes the IEEE standard 1058 which is called software project management plan

  • PMI’s project management plan

Project scheduling

Project Scheduling

  • Project Schedule

    • Activities

    • Resources especially people

    • The project schedule answers two basic planning questions

      • What and when

      • How:



  • What Activities and Milestones

    • List of activities and their expected time of implementation

      • Diagrams (e.g. PERT network diagrams)

      • Table

      • Charts (e.g. Gantt charts)

      • Graphs

    • All this present two important information

      • Activities

      • Time of implementation

Project plan

  • Is it possible to get a full list of all the activities in the beginning of the project?



  • The HOW discussion includes the following

    • How risk will be handled

    • How the project will be organized

    • How reviews will be conducted

    • How standard will applied

    • What methodology will be used and

    • How the product will be tested.



  • The Activity List

    • This is often developed with the work breakdown structure (WBS) table

    • The WBS breaks down all project activities to a much lower level, called work tasks.

    • A schedule list of activities contains the following information:

      • Activity ID, Activity name, Description, start date, completion date, dependency, and responsibility.

    • It is important that you two high priority activities don’t overlap.

Sample activity list

Sample Activity List



  • Milestone and Baselines

    • Milestone are used as points of payment, measurement of progress on the project and for determining baselines.

    • IEEE definition of baseline includes “a formally agreed specification that then serves as the basis for further development”

      • Functional baseline: This document is the basis for all design and implementation, and in particularly it is the basis for system testing and acceptance.

Gantt chart

Gantt Chart

Requirement analysis

Top level design

Detailed design





Jan. Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec.

Project plan

Gantt Chart - Integration

Set Integration site

Integrate Phase I

Integrate executive

Integrate OS

Integrate user interface

Integrate phase II

Integrate hardware

Integrate communications

Integrate full system

Integrate main computer


Mar April JuneJulyAugust

Gantt charts

Gantt Charts

  • Do

    • Enable important schedule information to be grasped quickly

  • Do not

    • Does not provide information on the amount of resources required to complete each activity.

Pert chart

PERT Chart

  • PERT (Program Evaluation and Review Technique)

    • Used to plan project activities

    • And to monitor their performance

  • PERT

    • Can address two important issues

      • The need to identify dependences

      • The need to ensure that responsibilities for each activity has been assigned.

Pert chart1

PERT Chart





Aij= Activity at node i and ending at node j

Dij = Duration of activity Aij

Pert chart critical path

PERT Chart: Critical Path



















Critical path

  • PERT

Scheduling hr

Scheduling HR

  • The most important and most valuable project resource is the development team (people)

  • The team size

    • The development team size is influenced by

      • # of activities

      • Intensity or complexity of the activities

      • Skill

Development team size

Development team size

Scheduling resources

Scheduling Resources

  • Resources

    • Work place

    • Equipments

    • Vendors and subcontractors



  • Monitoring and updating the schedule

    • It is not a static document

    • Period report

Customer perspective

Customer Perspective

  • The customer is in the center of a project scheduling

    • The customer is the most important project entity

    • One measure of project success is the degree of customer satisfaction

    • To promote customer satisfaction:

      • Honest communication

      • Continuous communication

      • Maintain technical quality

      • Make it easy to use

      • Understand that there are different types of customers

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