Making the learning environment memorable
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Making the learning environment memorable. Classroom displays. A stimulating environment. Research shows that good classroom displays stimulate learning;

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A stimulating environment
A stimulating environment

  • Research shows that good classroom displays stimulate learning;

  • Educational psychologists have found that environment can have a large impact on children's learning. There are classrooms that alienate children and those that engage them, and much research shows that children who feel engaged in their classroom are more receptive.

Why do we dread to do them?

No need to dread, ……. ‘A stimulating environment makes for a stimulated child’

  • 5 simple steps to think about to ensure success:

  • Learning reference

  • Colour

  • Easy to change

  • Titles and keywords

  • layout

Bring your subject/topic to life, direct a lesson of work purely on a decorative feature

Decorative classrooms are stimulating classrooms – it all had a direct impact on pupil motivation and thus pupils learning

Make it easy for you to alternate work on it. purely on a decorative feature

Bold colours on dark backgrounds work best.


Think about back ground colours as your first layer, building on top with work.

Older pupils can be involved in display, with instruction

Keep it functional for you, is it a learning tools?. building on top with work.

Let the pupils do the work, it gives them a sense of ownership and shows that you value their hard work

Display aren’t just for the boards building on top with work.

Using a central idea and image

Post it notes

Pupils loves quirky ideas. Organisation of your scissors!!

Got a boring wall?.... building on top with work.

Place some clip frames on it and attached pupils outstanding work on them.

Use your gifted and talented to do a small extra topic.

The colour wheel
The colour wheel… building on top with work.

  • The right hand side of

    the wheel shows warm

    colours, good for a cosy,

    comforting display;

  • The left hand side shows

    cool, calming colours

  • Complementary colours work well as one stands out from another

  • Like wise Harmonious colours blend together therefore will be subtle and interesting to use.

Arranging your display
Arranging your display building on top with work.

Staggering work makes it more visually appealing.

You can also use strips of paper to add interest…

Tilting work
Tilting work … building on top with work.

…can make it more appealing to the eye, but all the work needs to be tilted else it looks odd.

Overlapping … building on top with work.

…makes displays more fun…

Making titles
Making titles… building on top with work.

  • A biro is not a suitable tool for making titles;

  • Use a computer to make smart, ordered looking titles;

  • Use your own or the students handwriting to create lettering.

  • Laminating them will make them more hardy

And finally
And finally… building on top with work.

  • Mounting work…

    • work stuck on the wall on scrappy bits of lined paper is NOT good!

    • Mount all work that is going to be displayed - you can either single, double or triple mount. You can frame-mount using either ready-made frames or thick card, cereal boxes etc.

Here s one i made earlier
Here’s one I made earlier… building on top with work.

  • Work in a small group to create a temporary display.

  • One group will work on a library display

  • Other group will do a small science display

  • Then, as a group decide how you will display the work, what materials, colours, text, borders etc you will use. Using the box of goodies.

  • You have 10 mins