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Ms Burnham. Instructions: - Slideshow – Play from first slide - Click on the answer slide to view the correct response -Click on the question mark to continue. ALICE and programming. Alice and Programing. Wild Card. General Knowledge. General Knowledge. WIKI. Category #1.

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Ms Burnham

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Ms Burnham

Instructions:- Slideshow – Play from first slide

- Click on the answer slide to view the correct response-Click on the question mark to continue

ALICE and programming

Alice and Programing

Wild Card

General Knowledge

General Knowledge


Category #1

Category #2

Category #3

Category #4

Category #5

Category #6































A place holder which is defined by the programmer (e.g. score).

What is a variable?

A value that is passed into a method.

What is an argument?

A feature or characteristic of an object.

What is a property?

The default duration of an Alice statement.

What is 1 second?

This kind of method is only used by one object.

What is a class-level method?

A section of code (like a DO TOGETHER is completely inside another.

What is nested code?

This code checks a condition or computes a value.

What is a function?

“Say” is an example of tis kind of method.

What is a built-in or primitive method?

True or false:Real-world programs often have 100 lines of code.

What is False? They often have many thousands of lines of code.

The symbol for cut

What is CTRL X or ?

The key that brings up a HELP menu.

What is F1?

Another name for temporary memory.

What is RAM?

Four ways to prevent data loss

What are backup files, save every 5 min., use an updated antivirus prog., use a firewall, use automatic updates, use a surge protector?

A way to look at your files and folders.

What is press start/ computer?

A way to email many users at once.

What is a distribution list?

Permanently delete SCS emails.

What is pressSHIFT and DEL. ?

An example of an operating system.

What is Windows VISTA, XP or MAC OS?

Reason for printer to not print.

What is no connection to network, or printer jam, or no paper?

Approx. a billion bytes.

What is a GB or Gigabyte?

Five ergonomic hints

What is: sit straight, take breaks, wrists straight, sit fully back in chair, prevent glare, clean off workspace?

Three reasons to give credit for researched work.

What is: 1. prevent plagarism 2. helps user re-find source of data context or bias of research?

Profiting from stealing personal information

What is identity theft?

You should never reveal this online.

What is personal information?

The data that a user keeps online, perhaps in facebook.

What is your electronic footprint?



A famous example of a game made by 3rd party developers in Facebook.

What is Farmer John?

Three features of a good password.

What is 1.has letters numbers and or symbols fairly long not personal info?

This is an explanation about what the code does.

What is a comment?

A relational operator in an IF statement.

What is and/ or < > ≤ ≥ ≠ == ?

You do this when your computer freezes.

What is clickCTRL + ALT + DEL to bring up the task manager?

This means less than.

What is <?



Final Jeopardy CategoryALICE

To make the object circle around another the programmer would use this.

What is “turn right 1 rev.” “as seen by” the object?

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