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THE EARLY USA. Washington / Adams Presidencies. The KEY Debate. Federal Power vs. State Power Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans. -Led by Hamilton ( Washington, Adams) -Strong Central Gov’t -LOOSE Interpretation of Constitution Not Trust Average Citizen Reserve Democracy

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Washington / Adams


The KEY Debate

  • Federal Power vs. State Power

  • Federalists vs. Democratic-Republicans

-Led by Hamilton (Washington, Adams)

-Strong Central Gov’t

-LOOSE Interpretation of Constitution

Not Trust Average Citizen

Reserve Democracy

Elite Educated w/Power

-Fear Anarchy

-Favor National Bank

-Favor Britain and Trade

-Led by Jefferson (Madison)

-Strong State Govt’s

-STRICT Interp. of Const.

Trust Average Citizen

Expand Democracy

Power to the People

-Fear Tyranny

-Oppose National Bank

Favor France and Revolution


Washington Chosen to be 1st President

  • John Adams is VP

  • Jefferson is Sec. of State

  • Hamilton is Sec. of Treasury

How did GW feel about accepting the Presidency???

  • “My movements to the chair of government will be accompanied by feelings not unlike those of a culprit who is going to the place of his execution.”

What was one of GW’s biggest problems???


  • When GW took office, he only had ONE natural tooth left in his mouth!!!

  • He had as many as 5 different dentures sets made for him!!!

How does a Gov’t get Money???

  • TAXES!!

  • Hamilton puts a sales (excise) tax on Whiskey

  • PA farmers revolt

  • Tar and feather tax collectors again!!!


  • GW leads militias to put down revolt

  • (Executing law!!!)

  • First Big Test!

  • FEDERAL Gov’t using its power to keep STATES in line

The French Revolution - 1789

  • Overthrow of French Monarchy

  • Replace with Republic for the people

  • King Louis XVI executed in the Guillotine

  • USA Reaction???

Storming the Bastille in ParisJuly 14, 1789

  • Jefferson and Dem-Rep’s happy and supportive of revolution – ousted tyranny

  • Hamilton and Federalists cautious as war will disrupt American trade

  • Feds support England (order) / Dem-R support France (liberty)

  • Will USA get drawn into war???

  • Who is supposed to be our ally???

“The Reign of Terror” in France

  • 16,000 – 40,000 French executed by Guillotine

  • France plunges into war with England for 20 years

  • England and France begin seizing US ships

  • GW stays neutral

  • French Citizen Genet in USA tying to recruit Americans to fight England!!!

Nursery Rhyme!!!

  • “Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water.Jack fell down and broke his crown,And Jill came tumbling after.”

  • The roots of the story, or poem,  of Jack and Jill  are in France.

  • The Jack and Jill referred to are said to be the beheaded King Louis XVI - Jack -who was beheaded (lost his crown) followed by his Queen Marie Antoinette - Jill - (who came tumbling after). The words and lyrics to the Jack and Jill  poem were made more acceptable as a story for children.

  • The actual beheadings occurred in during the Reign of Terror in 1793. 

Washington’s Farewell Address

  • Leaves after 2 Terms (precedent)

  • Warns against “entangling alliances”

  • Don’t get sucked into foreign affairs!

ELECTION of 1796

  • Federalist VP Adams Beats

    D-REP. Jefferson

    (Becomes new VP)

  • Adams very qualified, but has a miserable Presidency (how do you follow GW?)

    • XYZ Affair

    • War with France???

    • Alien & Sedition Acts

    • VA & KY Resolutions

Adams Quote

  • “No man who ever held the office of President would congratulate a friend on obtaining it.”

  • Nickname: “His Rotundity”


  • France (and England) raiding our trade ships and kidnapping sailors


  • Adams sends diplomats to negotiate with France (mad over Jay’s Treaty)

  • Ambassadors “X,Y,Z” demand a bribe to even talk with the USA

  • USA screaming for War with France (even Republicans)

  • Federalists happy to smash France and solidify trade with Britain

  • Adams does not bite – stays out of war

    • Does create the Navy Dept. and builds it up

  • Public fiercely criticizes him (will cost him re-election)

    • Prove Fed. Case of who should lead???

  • Adams wants to put down domestic opposition

Alien and Sedition Acts

  • Forbids citizens from criticizing the Gov’t

  • Expel any “aliens” dangerous to the security of the USA

  • Why is this bad???

    • Limiting Free Speech (1st Amendment!!!)

  • Should this stand???

Dem-Rep’s Respond

  • Jefferson and Madison write the

  • VA and KY Resolutions

  • States can nullify acts/laws of the Federal Gov’t that are Unconstitutional WHY??? HOW???

  • “Doctrine of Nullification” is born and will haunt USA for years to come

  • But who should decide???

  • Who is trying to take back some power???

    • Compact Theory: States in USA

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