Uportal performance memory issues
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uPortal Performance & Memory Issues. Scott Battaglia [email protected] Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Description of Problem. Amount of memory consumed by uPortal grows consistently Continues to consume memory until there is no memory left

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Presentation Transcript
Uportal performance memory issues

uPortal Performance & Memory Issues

Scott Battaglia

[email protected]

Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey

Description of problem
Description of Problem

  • Amount of memory consumed by uPortal grows consistently

  • Continues to consume memory until there is no memory left

  • Application stops working properly and hangs

  • Consistent with definition of a memory leak


  • Launched myRutgers on uPortal 2.3

  • Issue was not seen in our QA

  • Seeing issue in production since November 2004


  • Also seen in production by:

    • Yale University

    • University of Louisiana at Lafayette

    • University of California at Irvine

    • Cornell University

Temporary workaround
Temporary Workaround

  • Monitor memory usage of uPortal

  • When memory drops below 5% bounce JVM.

Issues with workaround
Issues with Workaround

  • May be too aggressive

    • In some cases, JVM may be able to garbage collect

  • Causes users on that JVM to lose their session

  • If miss window of opportunity to restart, can take down Apache also

Issues with workaround1
Issues with Workaround

  • Ultimately, does nothing to resolve memory issue.

  • Just makes it barely livable

History of fixes
History of Fixes

  • Removed caching of IPersons from PersonDirectory

  • CError and CSecureInfo now pass events to wrapped channels.

  • Restrict access to ChannelFactory’s channel cache, synchronized instantiateChannel method.

  • Guest sessions created on time out

  • AbstractMultithreadedChannels were not cleaning out their channel state maps (2 of them).


  • 3 Months later, issue still exists.

  • Previous steps solved memory leaks but still more exist.

  • The search continues…

What s happening today
What’s Happening Today

  • Renewed effort to search for memory leaks

  • Initial Steps taken:

    • Retooling of Load Tests

    • Production Snapshots

    • Incremental Updates

    • Re-affirming that loadtest system matches production system

Retooling of load tests
Retooling of Load Tests

  • Attempt to mimic more closely what a user does in production.

    • More custom layouts

    • Less people logging out

    • Hitting more popular channels more aggressively

Retooling of load tests1
Retooling of Load Tests

  • Attempt to accomplish same throughput

    • Determine average user session length

    • Determine rate at which users access system

Retooling of load tests2
Retooling of Load Tests

  • Bought test system with same specs/setup as production systems

  • Ensure database optimizations are the same

  • Ensure uPortal configuration is the same (i.e. StatsRecorder)

Production snapshots
Production Snapshots

  • Only seeing issue in production

  • Need to capture production snapshots

  • JVM Heap Size initially set at 2 GB

Production snapshots1
Production Snapshots

  • Lowered JVM Heap Size to 128 MB on machine

    • Allows us to compare snapshots

  • When memory reaches 10% take it out of load balancing rotation

  • Garbage Collect

Production snapshots2
Production Snapshots

  • Capture snapshot

  • Wait past session timeout

    • Currently set at 15 minutes

  • Garbage Collect again

  • Take new snapshot

  • Analyze Snapshot

Production snapshots3
Production Snapshots

  • What do they tell us?

    • They help us determine what objects are still in memory

    • Tells us how much memory they are using

    • Tells us how much memory items they reference are using

Understanding the snapshots
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Use YourKit Java Profiler to capture memory snapshots

  • YourKit consists of two parts:

    • Component that runs on server

    • Local application to open memory snapshots

Understanding the snapshots1
Understanding the Snapshots

  • YourKit tells us:

    • Reports incoming and outgoing references

    • Totals for objects of each type

    • How much memory they consume

    • Allows us to compare snapshots, showing the deltas of each object type.

  • uPortal community has about 20 licenses for YourKit

Understanding the snapshots2
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Name

  • Objects

  • Shallow Size

  • Retained Size

Understanding the snapshots3
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Trace the path to the root of the Garbage Collector

  • Option of seeing first path or multiple paths

  • In screenshot, we see first five

Understanding the snapshots4
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Example of object from “Retained Size”

  • Only reason this object still exists is because XRTreeFrag has not been GCed.

Understanding the snapshots5
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Comparison of two snapshots (users vs. no users)

  • See that XRTreeFrag retains number of objects

Understanding the snapshots6
Understanding the Snapshots

  • Also comparison of (users vs. no users)

  • See that UserInstance gets garbage collected, as does ChannelStaticData, etc.

Incremental updates
Incremental Updates

  • In order to determine the impact of changes to the uPortal framework, we’ve adopted an incremental update approach.

  • We apply one “fix” at a time, and monitor its impact.

Incremental updates1
Incremental Updates

  • Currently in production…

    • Threadpool switch from homegrown to Backport Concurrent

    • Finalizer in UBC_Webmail

  • In the queue…

    • Update to AuthorizationImpl

What s happening today1
What’s Happening Today

  • Recently, flurry of activity on JASIG-DEV list about memory issues.

    • Backport Concurrent Threadpool

    • AuthorizationImpl

    • Finalizers in UBC_Webmail

What s happening today2
What’s Happening Today

  • Backport Concurrent Thread Library

    • Issues with current threadpool

      • Potential for deadlock or infinite loop

      • Potential for cleanup to fail in thread workers

      • UnboundedThreadpool that extends BoundedThreadpool

What s happening today3
What’s Happening Today

  • Backport Concurrent Thread Library (cont)

    • Action Item

      • Aaron wrote patch against HEAD to replace thread library

      • Rutgers manually applied patch to 2.4.1 and placed into production.

    • Result:

      • Undetermined: Most students were on Spring Break

      • Preliminary results indicate may offer performance benefit rather than memory leak fix

What s happening today4
What’s Happening Today

  • AuthorizationImpl

    • Current Issues

      • Retaining references to principals

      • No explicit removal of principal from cache

      • Copying of map on each newPrincipal call that results in a new principal

What s happening today5
What’s Happening Today

  • AuthorizationImpl

    • Action Item

      • Rutgers volunteered to provide fix for HEAD

      • Fix consists of replacing current newPrincipal method and replacing HashMap with a cache

      • Patch is scheduled to be loadtested and placed into production

      • Patch is scheduled to be committed to uPortal HEAD on successful test and deployment

What s happening today6
What’s Happening Today

  • AuthorizationImpl

    • Consequences of Changes

      • Introduced a CacheFactory

        • Not specific to any one part of uPortal

        • CacheFactory is interface (plug your own in!)

        • Default CacheFactory using WhirlyCache

          • Allows for declaring cache settings and policy in XML

        • Allows for fine-grained caching strategies for each part of uPortal

What s happening today7
What’s Happening Today

  • UBC_Webmail

    • Issue

      • Finalizers are not properly cleaning up

    • Action Item

      • Rutgers has volunteered to refactor Finalizers

Continuing the search
Continuing the Search…

  • Rutgers, and other members of the uPortal community continue to search for the answer to the memory leaks

What can we do to help
What can we do to help?

  • Finalizer should be a last resort

  • If a viable open source project exists that fills the requirements, consider using that

  • Be aware of proper caching (where its needed vs. where its not needed, weak & soft references, etc.)

  • Avoid circular references wherever possible

The end finally
The End (finally!)

  • Any questions, comments, concerns?