Fragstats and landscape metrics
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Fragstats and Landscape Metrics. Bill Dijak Wildlife Biologist/GIS Specialist USDA Forest Service Room 309. Map Projection. UTM, Universal Transverse Mercator. Datum, NAD1927, NAD1983, WGS1984. Missouri use NAD1983, Zone 15, Unit meters. Two forms of GIS data.

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Fragstats and Landscape Metrics

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Fragstats and Landscape Metrics

Bill Dijak

Wildlife Biologist/GIS Specialist USDA Forest Service

Room 309

Map Projection

  • UTM, Universal Transverse Mercator.

  • Datum, NAD1927, NAD1983, WGS1984.

  • Missouri use NAD1983, Zone 15, Unit meters.

Two forms of GIS data

  • Vector data, points lines and polygons usually stored as a shapefile (.shp).

  • Raster data stored as square raster cells or pixels.

  • Each raster cell has a numerical value representing a landscape characteristic and resolution which is the length of the side of the raster cell.

  • ESRI rasters are often referred to as grids.

Examples of Raster Data

  • Gap landcover (MORAP)

  • Landsat satellite imagery

  • Digital elevation models (DEM)

  • Digital raster graphics (DRG)

  • Landform

Fragstats 3.3



Fragstats 3.3

  • Click Fragstats and select Set Run Parameters.

Class Properties File

Class ID, Class Name, Status, Is Background








Patch Metrics

  • Provide metric information for each and every patch found in the landscape

  • Generate an Enormous amount of information.

  • Are useful for generating information for specific locations on the landscape such as nest locations or point count locations.

  • Example: An area-sensitive species selects patches of forest of some minimum size.

Fragstats: Select Patch Metrics

Weighting tables can be created in Excel

But must be saved as CSV files






Rows represent the focal class, columns

the “with” class

Fragstats: Select Class metrics

Fragstats: Select Landscape Metrics

File: Save as

  • Saves all your parameter settings to one file _______.frg

  • Can be opened and reused using

  • File: Open

Fragstats: Execute

Executes program using the

parameter files and generates

comma delimited files




These files can be imported into excel.


So, what metrics do I need?

  • It depends on what landscape charateristics you believe are impacting your species of intererst.

  • Most landscape scale wildlife studies are concerned with the amount and spatial characteristics of habitat.

  • Amount is is determined using pland in the class parameter settings

Nest predation example

  • Patch area (Area)

  • Patch shape (Shape)

  • Patch core area index% (CAI)

  • Class edge density (ED)

  • Class habitat percentage (Pland)

  • Class aggregation Index (AI)

Area Sensitive Interior Species

  • Patch area (Area)

  • Patch area standard deviation (Area_CSD)

  • Class habitat percentage (Pland)

  • Class mean patch area (Area_MN)

  • Class patch area variation (Area_SD)

  • Class total core area (TCA)

  • Class core area percent of landscape (CPLAND)

Population Viability (Extinction and Recolinization)

  • Class habitat percentage (PLAND)

  • Class number of patches (NP)

  • Class largest patch index (LPI)

  • Class mean euclidean nearest neighbor distance (ENN_MN)

  • Class variation in euclidean nearest neighbor distance (ENN_SD)

  • Class Connectance Index (CONNECT)


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