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Ender s Game Author Writing Influence and Style - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ender\'s Game. Ender’s Game Author Writing Influence and Style. Orson Scott Card Born 1951 Focuses on the positive impact leadership makes in lives and, more specifically, the difference in a military operation’s success. . Ender’s Game Inspiration Background Information.

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Ender’s Game


Writing Influence and Style

Orson Scott Card

Born 1951

Focuses on the positive impact leadership makes in lives and, more specifically, the difference in a military operation’s success.

Ender’s Game


Background Information

In debt for his college education, he decided to try to incorporate the Battle Room idea into a story (which ultimately became Ender’s Game)

Originally written as a short story

Later was expanded the short story into a novel in order to set up its sequel, Speaker of the Dead



Ender’s game was awarded both Nebula and Hugo awards.

Its sequel Speaker for the Dead duplicated the sweep the following year

A movie adaptation of the novel is in development


Ender, a 6 year old, is monitored by the government because he is thought to have the potential to be a great leader

Showing a combination of his sister Valentine’s caring nature and his brother Peter’s violent nature, he is the perfect balance to create the ultimate general


The government comes to take him from his family and sends him into space to attend battle school

The battle school is supposed to develop leaders for the struggle against an alien nation called the “Buggers”

Being younger than his classmates, but smarter than any, Ender must battle for his place in the school


Ender learns lessons about survival while make friends who are loyal to him

As he progresses his success, cunning and ingenuity shatter the rules of regulations of the school and make him the greatest leader in the school’s history

Ender is successful in the class, but there are still lingering doubts whether or not he will crack under pressure when facing the menace of the “Buggers”

Ender’s Game







Science Fiction

Ender must face an impossible test at battle school—will he be able to accomplish the impossible and become the leader needed to defeat the buggers?

Ender Wiggin

Peter, School Administration, Buggers

Literary Focus

Themes and Conflicts


Growth through Isolation

Cruelty of Children

Survival of the Fittest

Violence versus Control

The Value of Intelligence


The Ethics of Man


Point of View

Uses a limited point of view, focusing solely on Ender\'s character

This is useful because psychology is such an important part of the novel

The novel’s point of view will sometimes shift to allow readers insight into what the government is trying to do to Ender

The Point of View then shifts back to Ender, and the reader can see how the various games that are being played at his expense are affecting his mind.

Setting (time)

Setting (place)

Set on Earth sometime in the future

The future in Ender’s society has several key differences:

There are population laws that restrict the number of children in a family

space travel a

an alien civilization

Earth, Battle School, Space


Ender is a combination of two people: his brother and his sister

He is constantly in fear of becoming like his violent brother, Peter

His violent tendencies, however, are balanced by Sister’s ability to empathize with people and care for them

Ironically it is the combination of both that make him the perfect killing machine and military leader: he sees inside the minds of his enemies, knows what makes them tick, and then destroys them



Genius level intelligence

A “third”

Highly sensitive but also possesses a violent streak that he uses throughout the novel

A combination of his two siblings:

He has his brother Peter’s ability to manipulate and destroy

He has his sister Valentine’s ability to be caring and persuasive

Peter Wiggin

Ender’s older brother

Extremely jealous of Ender

Extremely angry at Ender because he has to have a brother who is a “third

Violent nature and fits of rage haunt Ender even after he has left for battle school

Valentine Wiggin

Ender’s source of support and caring

Fends off Peter’s attacks on Ender

The only person that Ender truly loves

Caring and loving almost to a fault