Working Toward  Best Practices

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Some History. Applied and received TLCF Grant, Summer 2001 (intensive professional development)Raised ACT and 11th Grade Writing scores in 2001-2002 earning bonusContinued staff development, 2002-2003Invited by State Dept. of Ed to serve as a mentor school to EdTech Launch 1, 2003-2004 (mentored

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Working Toward Best Practices

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1. Working Toward Best Practices

2. Some History… Applied and received TLCF Grant, Summer 2001 (intensive professional development) Raised ACT and 11th Grade Writing scores in 2001-2002 earning bonus Continued staff development, 2002-2003 Invited by State Dept. of Ed to serve as a mentor school to EdTech Launch 1, 2003-2004 (mentored three schools) Sought out by fifteen EdTech Launch 2 schools to serve as a mentor (mentoring two schools), 2004-2005 Plan to work toward becoming a professional development ORBIT center in next competitive grant process

3. Research Shows Web access hasn’t raised student test scores – Source: National Bureau of Economic Research, 2002 Conditions in middle and high schools impede changes in the practice of teaching with technology-- Source: American Educational Research Journal, 2001 Tech-savvy teens say their schools’ web use lags – Source: “The Digital Disconnect: The Widening Gap Between Internet-Savvy Students and Their Schools”, American Institutes for Research (AIR)

4. Our Mission On S. I. T. E.

5. Why Technology Integration? To improve teaching To increase student achievement To utilize resources To encourage collaboration To help students think critically To create a community of learners

7. Meet Susan Gill… Best Practice Winner for Level I, Electronic Portfolio

8. Technology Integration Resources: Website Staff Development resource page Reflective journal entries MJHS Best Practice Rubric Basic Skills Performance Indicators Integration Performance Indicators Teacher Expectations for implementation

9. Getting Better, Working Together Define Best Practice Create a rubric (self-assessment and committee evaluation Provide templates for lesson plan Establish incentive programs Encourage mentoring within the school Create coalition of community partners Fall analysis of previous year sparks current year improvement Involve students in structuring goals to improve Plan for new year of staff development

10. The Results Conclude: Improving student achievement is a priority Professional development is on-going Technology enhances our curriculum Students are empowered to use electronic tools of technology Teachers collaborative on what works, what doesn’t National Education Technology Standards drive our staff development program State curriculum standards are aligned to technology

11. Helping Mentor: Franklin County High School, Winchester Hawkins Middle School, Hendersonville Lamar Elementary, Jonesborough T.W. Hunter Middle, Hendersonville Boones Creek Middle, Johnson City

12. Focusing on Integration… helps us Analyze our technology-enhanced lessons Share practices across Tennessee Continue to refine our practice Keep the dialog for mentoring alive Bring new and fresh ideas to our school Pass along the importance of analyzing our practices Emphasize to teachers the importance of technology

13. In conclusion, You are invited to visit our school and see technology integration in action or get in touch with one of our teachers in your content area… Contact Diane Bennett, 615-773-4547 [email protected] Mt. Juliet High School 3565 N. Mt. Juliet Road Mt. Juliet, TN 37122

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