The congress of vienna convenes
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The Congress of Vienna Convenes. Chapter 23 Section 5. I Metternich Restores Stability. European heads of gov’t tried to establish long lasting peace and stability after defeating Napoleon Goal was to create a new European Order series of meetings called Congress of Vienna

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The congress of vienna convenes

The Congress of Vienna Convenes

Chapter 23 Section 5

I metternich restores stability
I Metternich Restores Stability

  • European heads of gov’t tried to establish long lasting peace and stability after defeating Napoleon

    • Goal was to create a new European Orderseries of meetings called Congress of Vienna

  • Congress of Vienna called to set up policies to achieve this goal

  • Foreign minister of Austria, Prince Matternich, most influential

    • Distrusted democratic ideals of French rev.

    • Maintained that Napoleon's expansionist dictatorship was nat. outcome of Dem. Experiments

  • Matternich had 3 goals at the Congress of Vienna

    • Prevent future French aggression by surrounding France w/ strong nations

    • Restore balance of power so no country would be threat to another

    • Restore Europe’s royal fams to thrones they held before Napoleon’s wars

A containment of france
A. Containment of France

  • Made countries surrounding France stronger

    • Austrian Netherland & Dutch Republic united to form the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    • Switzerland recognized as independent nation

    • Kingdom of Sardinia strengthened by adding Genoa

  • Allowed countries of Europe to contain France & prevent them from overpowering other nations

B balance of power
B. Balance of Power

  • Wanted to weaken France but not go so far as to provoke France to take revenge

    • If they break up France another power might become more powerful and threaten them all

  • Required to give up all terr. Napoleon took but French border remained the same as before

C legitimacy
C. legitimacy

  • Great powers affirmed the principle of legitimacy

    • Agreeing as many as possible of the rulers whom napoleon had driven from their thrones should be restored to power

  • France: King Louis XVII adopts a constitution and rules as a constitutional monarch

    • Belief was that restoring former monarchs would stabilize pol. Relations among the nations

  • Congress of Vienna was a SUCCESS because it did not leave any countries holding grudged and thus, did not sow seeds for future wars

Ii political changes beyond vienna a conservative europe
II Political Changes Beyond ViennaA. Conservative Europe

  • Congress of Vienna victory for conservatives as kings were restored to power

  • Rulers of Europe were afraid of the French Rev. legacy and the ideals of liberty, equality, & fraternity

    • Holy Alliance= Russia, Austria, & Prussia

    • Concert of Europe= series of alliances created by Metternich stating that nations would help each other if a rev broke out

  • Across Europe conservatives held firm control of gov’ts but could not control rev. ideals

  • France deeply pol. Divided as many lower class ppl were committed to ideals of liberty, equality, & fraternity

  • Although the French Rev. failed it set new political ideas in motionmajor pol divisions of early 1800s

B revolution in latin america
B. Revolution in Latin America but could not control rev. ideals

  • Actions in Congress of Vienna has consequences beyond Europe

  • Clashes among conservatives, liberals, and radicals erupted in Spanish colonies

    • Royalist peninsularies wanted to restore their power while liberal creoles wanted to retain their power

  • Liberal revolt in SpainSpanish king tightening control in American coloniesMexicans rose in revolt and successfully gained indep. From Spain

  • A similar revolt in Portugal allowed Brazilians to declare independence as well

B long term legacy
B. Long-Term Legacy but could not control rev. ideals

  • Congress of Vienna continent wide effort to establish and maintain peace caused nationalistic feelings to rise in countries were foreign rule was placed

  • Nationalistic feelings would erupt in Revolution

  • French Rev forever changed ideas about power and authority