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Economic Scenarios. #1. Here in the beautiful West African country of Cote d’Ivoire we grow more cacao beans than we can use. As a result, we sell these beans to other countries all over the world, so that they can make chocolate. This is an example of…. Exporting. #2.

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  • Here in the beautiful West African country of Cote d’Ivoire we grow more cacao beans than we can use. As a result, we sell these beans to other countries all over the world, so that they can make chocolate. This is an example of…



  • In South Africa, wallets are filled with rands, not dollars, to be used in purchasing clothes, food, and entertainment. Rands are an example of…



  • Hello, I am Sal al-Taud. I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I am 27 years old and my family has raised camels for hundreds of years. This year I have started my own business. I am selling cell phones!!! It’s frightening trying something new, but it’s exciting, too! This is an example of …



  • I am president of Hu Jintao of China. Now that the Olympics have been held in Beijing, I expect that people in other countries will want to purchase more Chinese goods, especially textiles and electronics. I also hope we will be able to purchase more goods from other countries, especially oil and medical equipment. This is an example of…

International Trade


  • I am the president of the company Trees R Us, and I am concerned that there will not be enough trees to supply all the paper needs of the students in our schools. Our plan is to replant two trees for each one we take down. This is managing…

Natural Resources


  • I am Pedro. My best friend is Juan. Both of our fathers grow corn. People gather in our village on Saturday to sell their goods. Juan’s father and my father compete to sell their corn at the best prices they can get. This is an example of…

Market Economic System


  • I am the Secretary of the Treasury for the country of Dodgen. I am happy to report that over the past year our country’s total market value has exceeded 20 billion dollars! This is an example of…

Gross Domestic Product


  • My name is Rohan. For many generations my family has been known as the finest weavers in our village. People come from far away to buy our finely made cloth at the market. I know I will continue to weave when I get older. This is an example of…

Traditional Economic System


  • Hello, I am MohatIkbar. I live in Ankara, Turkey. Each day I report to work at our huge airport where it is my job to count lira, our nation’s money. I must assist people traveling to our beautiful city as they convert their money into our money. This is an example of…

Currency Exchange Rate


  • I am Tea Banh of Cambodia and I have created a large rice milling company. It is important to the future of my business that Cambodia not allow rice from other countries into the area without charging an additional fee. This is an example of…

A Tariff


  • I am Ping and the government has told my father that our factory may produce only 100,000 widgets this year. This is an example of…

Command Economic System


  • Hi, we are el Mallakh and KufuAnot. We live in Cairo, the capital of Egypt. It is our responsibility to run the big cranes that unload the huge cargo ships here at our city’s dock. The products which we unload will later travel to various cities where they will be purchased and used for businesses and households. This is an example of…



  • Although my family has always worked in the home building business, I’ve decided to try something new. I’d like to open a restaurant in Marietta. I can choose any type of menu that I would like. It’s pretty exciting, but I will still need to meet government stardards for things like cleanliness. This is an example of which type of economy?

Mixed Market Economic System